Under the swinging tree

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The day was beautiful. The sun glistened and shun like a fresh flame. I strolled along side the lake until I came to the swinging tree. It was old but it grew with beauty. Every once and a while i'd listen to the birds sing while I'd lay my head upon the hard yet oh so comfortable oak tree. The birds melody played sweatily as the noise from the leaves in the wind, slowly complimented it in the background. All of it was cereal, the feeling was almost heaven like.

Time went on and I had drifted of for what had been an hour. Peacefully waking up I'm surprised to see a figure hidden by the sunlight. I quickly get up moving away from the unknown person.

"Hey beautiful,"I recognize the deep broad voice that sends shivers flowing teasingly down my spine.

"Alex! Why are you here?" I ask.

"I always come here, I made this swing. Look," he shows me his name engrave in the swing.I'm slightly impressed and reward him with a smile.

"Sorry I'll go," rushing to pick up my stuff.

"No! Please stay." he grabs my hand softly. "I just want to talk to you, nothing else."

"Ok," I accept his invite and sit beside him. I can't go on alone anymore I have to start making friends.

"So... Tell me about yourself."

"I move around a lot. I don't have many friends. I enjoy reading romantic novels but I'm a hopeless romantic," I explain.

"You sure your a hopeless romantic because you get my heart going as soon as I see you." I blush. As he whispers in my ear.

We talk for a little longer and had a silent moment which felt comfortable until he lay his head on my lap and looked at the clouds. My face looked like a ripe tomato I wasn't expecting him to do that. I didn't say anything and eventually he fell asleep trusting me to keep him safe until he woke up. He made me feel special and I was growing attached to the feeling but deep inside it never lasted. Maybe if I try to hold on to it, it will last a little longer.

He woke up. Hazel eyes glistening in the sunshine. Getting up he kisses my cheek.

"Thanks for watching over me. Hope I didn't keep you. How about I walk you home to say thanks?" I agree. And we begin walking back.

Nearing my house. He tells me that I should be more positive and that I'm a amazing person. He seemed so perfect for those few seconds but then we came to my door. He kisses my lips. They are soft and light. I felt as if I had been lifted into thin air, but then I remember Julia how they flirt. What if she finds out I kissed her boyfriend.

I quickly move away from Alex and open my front door to make a quick get away. Running in, I slam the door behind me, leaving Alex confused and alone. Leaning my head against the front door I sigh and wish I could go back to his lips but I know it would just make things worse.

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