Go away

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He sat there as if it was nothing. Trust me this wasn't nothing. This was a big something. Since Saturday I was hoping I wouldn't have to sit alone at lunch but now I wanted to. Why didn't I just talk to him? He's nothing to be intimidated by. Such a boy, I though as he stuffed his mouth full of mash potatoes. Potatoes?
Pa-ta-toes, such a weird word. There I go again day dreaming, wondering into my own little world were nobody and nothing mattered. Sadly, my day dream came to a halt when Alex rudely interrupts my silly but funny thoughts.

"Hey! Imogen, right?

"Potatoes. I mean yes, yeah. Hi?," Why am I such and idiot? Who says that? Well obviously me. It had to be me who said that I mean who else? All these questions filled my mind. Anxious to hear his response to my idiotic behaviour I lower my head in embarrassment.

"Ahahaha ," he couldn't keep his laughter away, which only made me feel worse. He continue," Your different. Not in a bad way but in a great way."

"Thanks I think. Your not different, your one of those pretty popular boys who mess with girls." I could tell by his face he was shocked but I didn't care, I wasn't about to be messed around by him and have my emotions thrown everywhere.

"Oh? Ok if that's what you think I'll just have to prove you wrong." Why did he want to do that? Anyone with a brain would know if someone says that you better run. "I'll see you later then."

Then he walked away, cool and calm. Why didn't he just go away straight away. I hope I don't see him again. He made me feel weird. I'v never felt like this before and I don't know if it's a good feeling or not. What was happening to me I felt like mush and trust me it's not a good feeling.

The rest of the day flew past and I didn't see much of Alex. It was now 3:10 and time to head home. Today had been confusing so I decided to go to the park to rest my mind and thoughts. I loved the park. It was a labyrinth of flowers and trees and the air that blew between them was warm while the sun complemented it. Sitting there I watched the clouds slowly blow past. Surprisingly I didn't dose of as it was the perfect weather to.

After a few minutes my phone buzzed , it was my mom. The text read, "wher are u, cum home for tea:)" The thought of moms cooking made my tummy rumble it was time to go home.

While walking home I counted my steps. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eig..... uh oh. Julia was there with her stuck up little followers. My heart began to beat fast I don't know if it was to pump blood to my head so it could tell me to run or pump blood to my fist so I hit her because of what she did. As she grew closer I carried on walking as if I had notice her and hoping most of all she had not notice me. I wasn't scared of her, well.. I was. But I didn't want to seem it, to show it. Walking past I hear them whispering. Although it was low and quiet I could still make out these two distinct words. Get her.

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