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Its morning. The light that crept past my curtain blinds my eyes as I awaken. Thinking to myself , I can't remember yesterday. Was it a dream, or did it really happen. Its 8 o'clock now and I need to get to school but my hands shivered and trembled with the thoughts of seeing alex. I've never kissed a boy before. The time with Alex was amazing and although clique it was also unique and special. Why did it have to end? Why couldn't it have gone on for a bit longer. My mind dreamt of Alex as I got ready to go to school.I hear the door open and go to see who it is. Putting my shoes on near the stairs was a stupid idea. There I was in a amazing fantasy, when I slip. BANG!!! Down I go just as I'm about to fall and hit my head, someone catches me.

"Phew! Omg- god that was close. Thanks mom?" They weren't mom's hands. They were bigger and stronger. They felt familiar."Alex!?"

"Ahaha Alex who's that? Its me."

Turning around I realized who it was. "Marcus!!!!! Oh my god why are you here?"

"I can go if you want." He laughed as did I. This was Marcus: the best boy in the world. He's my mom's sister's son's freind. I see him as family and he has been through a lot. Marcus has brown hair that is cut as a high top. His jawline goes perfectly with his bright white teeth and clear aqua-blue eyes. Although his skin was pail it matched perfectly with his face

"I have missed you so much. Why are you here?" I asked hoping he was here to see me.

"My mom got a new job at the bank down the road so we sorta live across the road." His face lighted up with excitement and joy when he told me and it made me light up too.

Mom shouted from the other
room,"You're gonna be late." As she did, I realized Marcus was in uniform as well and I hugged him with utter happiness. We walked out the door as I began forgetting everything that happened yesterday and I knew today would be a unforgettable day with Marcus.

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