Little white lie

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The way to school went so fast. Me and Marcus talked the whole way. Marcus told me about what it was like back in Australia and how it had change since I left, which was 2 years ago, he told me about how a new girl called Willow took my place in class and how she was really nice but not quite as good as me. Apparently Annie became good friends with Willow, I'm happy Annie found a new best friend.

Anyway walking up to school, everyone noticed us. Well not us, they noticed Marcus. This made me angry, I didn't want to share Marcus with these, urghhh dare I say, people.

Alex was in the classroom next to Julia. He kissed me and he is still with Julia, wow obviously yesterday meant nothing to him. Why was I surprised? But I tried to ignore him and just carried in talking to Marcus.

The teacher walked in and told us all to sit down. Miss introduced Marcus and everyone said hello to him, he smiled and waved. They weren't that nice to me when I came. Girls whispered about him but they murmured about how dreamy he was and how they planned to sit with him at lunch. OH NO THEY WERNT! The one time I have a friend they plan to take that.

Marcus sat down next to me.

"Psstt, Imogen. They're all fake ent they?" Marcus asked with a disappointed expression. He had a skill at spotting good from bad and he knew they were all horrible and only liked him because he was sorta fit.

I replied,"yup, but don't worry you have me." Marcus was the only boy I was nice to. I'd never be horrible. Although I would make a few little sly or stubborn comments, then and again.

He winked and grinned, as a response. The lesson carried on and so did school. When it came to lunch I sat down with Marcus. As we were eating I saw Alex looking at me. Why? He seemed curios and on edge. All day he'd been looking at me now and again. Was that a sign?

I looked at him but not for long as all the girls from my class came and sat on the table.

"Hey, Marcus. Hehehe what a cute name."

"Hey, Marcus can I feel your muscle."

"Do you want to go out some time Marcus." All these sort of questions were thrown at him like basketballs into a net.

To my surprise Marcus replies, "Sorry girls, but I'm going out with Imogen and any spare time I have I want with Imogen."

Oh my god did he just say that. I choked on my food and struggled to understand the situation.

Then Marcus winked so I went along with it,"aww your so sweet." I said in the most cringy fan girl way possible. All the girls gasped with disgrace and disappointment. Then walked giving me dirty looks as they went.

Patting my head in confusion I asked,"What was that?"

"I don't want them around us I know there all fake, so I just told a little white lie to make sure they leave me alone," he was completely convinced this would work and so was I. While I ate the rest of my now cold pasta I thought this might be a good school year. Just maybe.

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