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There gonna kill you. There going to beat you up. Blood and bruises for the rest of your life. Embarrassment. Ha ha ha ha ha. The tune played in my head.

Snap out of it Imogen. My imagination was running wild with terrible thought on what was to come next. These girls weren't playing around I don't know what Iv done to make them hate me but I guess bully's don't have reasons.
"Why are you bullying me?" I asked with a clear unease.

"Doing what? Bulling you? Chasing you? We are because we don't like you," she replied.

"But what have I done. Why don't you like me."

"Because I simply don't like you."

"What the hell are you on about. I sit on my own at lunch and I don't talk in class. I don't even have any friends How am I messing up anything if nobody even notices me! You have no reason to not like me." I shouted with rage, her reason was bullshit she was just a horrible little bully.

"You may not say anything but I see you and I don't like what I see. I'll let you off for now but next time. Watch out ," Julia walked away, followed by the other girls. My heart was pounding I was still on the floor in shock. Despite her leaving, I was still scared. I guess her plan to intimidate me worked.

I had to get home. My arm was bleeding as was my head they both had rubbed against the hard rough floor. Looking a mess I staggered back home. I dreaded school tomorrow as I knew she'd be there but I felt a bit better when I thought of Alex. Maybe he'd protect me if they tried anything again, yanoe to prove he wasn't just a player a bad guy a idiot. But thinking about it, it sounded stupid and I went back to frowning.

Home at last. Can't let mom see me or she'll be on the phone to the school all night, shouting and screaming. Then we'd probably move school again and it was to late for that I'd sorta got used to going this school. 2days was all it took.

I washed my face. Was I really ugly?My mom had always said I was pretty. My wavy long brown hair fell upon my shoulders and my brown eyes brightened in the light. I don't think I'm ugly but then again what do I know. Should I change? NO! I don't care what that bitch says I'm not changing.

Going to bed I planned how to stand up to Julia because I wasn't going to let her push me around anymore. 2 days is enough hurt for me.

I fell deeply asleep that night and the warmth of my bed made it easy to forget all the bad things. Sleeping helps the heart mend and the brain heal. They hurt me today and I don't want that to happen again.

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