Stuck between roads

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It's Saturday. My suspension starts on Monday so I won't start planning till then. Right now I'm grounded.

Yesterday was a nightmare when I got home. The frustration on moms face as I walked in.
"But it's only...."

And before I knew it even my mom wasn't on my side. Normally she was really understanding but there was something in her eyes that told me to just do what she said and go. So yeah that was then but this is now.

It's actually kinda nice, just sitting here. No phone, no tv, no computer, no nothing just me and pens and paper. I lay down for about an hour drawing silly doodles of a girl trapped in a castle, waiting for someone to save her.

Tap...tap... tap! What the hell was that. I went over to my window and there he was.

"Hey Imogen I brought popcorn and my laptop," his broad smile made me content with optimism.

"Ahaha my savior," it was Marcus he climbed his way up first jumping onto my garage roof and slowly making his way to the drain pipe where he could pull himself in.

"Hey there," I said as he struggled to get in the window.

"H-hey, little help." Pulling him in he fell on my carpet making a heavy bang.

"IMOGEN! What are you doing up there," my mom screamed her voice vibrating the door making me feel worried inside.

"Sorry mom I fell outta bed," my quick thinking may have just saved our lives.

"Quick save Im."

"Yh I know now hand over the popcorn I'm starving."

"Come get it," he hit it behind his back as if to lure me closer. Desperately trying I slipped. About to fall of the bed he scooped me under his arm and we were now in the most awkward position ever. I was under him lying down and he was on top of me.

"Hehe thank, so can I have the popcorn now." I tried my best to get out of the situation but then.

He kissed me.

My lips against his.

I didn't like it.

"No." I said with hardly any thought or emotion. "We can't, can't we?"

"Why not? Don't you like me." He asked me with an innocent face.

"I do but.... I can't. I don't know why or what's stopping me. I just can't. I'm sorry," and without saying a word Marcus left.

Another kiss. I don't know why I didn't just carry on Marcus is a great guy who is actually fit, plus he's my best friend but I don't love him, at least I don't think I do.

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