Day dreamer

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It's a new day. Hopefully it won't be as terrible as yesterday. As usual I wake up late but today something felt different I don't know what but something was different. I did my tie up and looked in the mirror I still didn't know if I was pretty or not like I said all that stuff is based on opinion.

8:40 just on time. Maybe, yesterday was just a first day mess and the rest of the year will be ok. I sat down in the seat closest to the window as it was geography and I liked to daydream. The class began and I looked throughout the window watching a tiny leaf blow around I must of been looking at it for ages because when I looked at my watch it was already 9:00.

To my surprise the teacher calls my name. "Imogen! What are the secondary affects of a Tsunami?" I had no clue at all. Mr Andrew seemed mad and anxious to see how I would react.

"Um it's it's," I mummbled as I sat thinking.

I hear a whisper to the left of me, "One secondary affect is homelessness"

Without hesitation I say it, "Homelessness, sir" The palms of my hands were sweaty from the surprise Mr Andrew gave me. Sir was shocked as I got it right and then he walked back to the board and carried on teaching.

I look to my left to see were the voice came from and it was a boy. He had hazel eyes and light brown hair that flow with the breeze. His skin was a coffee colour that matched perfectly with his features.

"I'm Alex," he said quietly so the teacher didn't hear.

"I'm Imogen," I replied gently.

"Nice to meet you. Im guessing your the new girl?" He had a cheeky grin on him that made me want to walk away. "Your very pretty"

I was shocked at what he had said and quickly replied, "Thanks for helping me, but I don't know you so I'm going to stop talking to you now." I tried not to sound to rude but from his surprised laugh I think he didn't seem to bothered. Im stubborn and like being alone I thought.

"Ok suit yourself," he said as if he was reading my mind he then faced the other way and carried on with what he was doing. A sigh of relief flew through my body as I knew our discussion was over and I could go back to day dreaming.

Just then the bell rung and it was time for the next lesson. It was English and we were told to read a book called how to kill a mockingbird. Alex was handing out the books and when he gave me mine he smiled at me while I rolled my eyes.

Why does he look at me like that. Stop looking at me. Iv never had anyone look at me like that and I didn't know whether it was a good or a bad look. Maybe he wanted to befriend me then humiliate me in front of everyone. I was very weary of him and kept a sharp hidden look at him just in case he did something unexpected.

And he did. It was lunchtime and as usual I sat alone. Or so I'd thought I would. Alex was walking close and I hoped inside he'd walk past but he didn't. He sat right down beside me an began to eating his food. Not saying a word he just sat there. Only giving me a look as to say sup when he sat down. What did he want?

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