slowly drowned in sadness

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"What is wrong with you!? Do you even understand how much trouble your in!? You could get expelled!" She went on and on.

"Miss, I don't know what your on about," I whimpered.

"Bullying! Why would you bully?

"What bully who? I haven't done anything wrong miss I swear." I said with such surprised as I pleaded for her to believe me.

"Don't lie Imogen. Julia told me what you did to her and how you chased her,"Miss went on," Her friends came with her to support her as she cried while explaining your discussing behavior towards her."

A tear fell from one eye. My eyes widened in hope she'd take my word. But no.

"I'm calling your parents,"she announced

"You mean my parent," I said in a dark tone

"Yes. Imogen go back to class and report to me at break and lunch...," there was a short silence," if your still here."

The tear has gone and I desperately tried to compose myself before walking back into class. Walking in, everyone peered at me some wondering what had happened out there and others - like Julia - waiting for me to burst into tears. I sat down and looked across the room only to see Julia staring at me while she sat next to Alex.

Break came and I was in isolation. Placed in a room with desks all the way around it with things on either side of the desk to keep you isolated from everyone else. A member of school council would sit in the middle and watch over us and guess who I got. Alex.

"Psst... Imogen."

"What! Go away," I said with such force.

"Why did you do it?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Alex I didn't do it. Maybe if you weren't trapped in your stupid little girlfriends act, you'd believe me." I made sure he understood but it didn't work.

"Girl WHAT! Imogen you think Julia's my girlfriend? If she was then why would I think about you everyday and build up the confidence to kiss you? Imogen, Julia is my sister." Alex made sure I understood and it worked.

"Your sister? Oh?," my face went red as I realized I was wrong, completely wrong

"Yh. Because she's my sister, I believe her. You bullied my sister. I loved you Imogen."

"But I didn't d...."
Bring Bring, the bell went and my life slowly drowned in sadness...

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