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They saw me and I knew I had to get out if there. One minute I was strolling casually and happily down the pathway another I was running for my life. As they weren't the sportiest girls I thought I could out run them but I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Sprinting down Hilcroft Avenue, I looked all over for someone to help or somewhere to hide. What was I meant to do? Just as I had began to give up I saw it. A dustbin. It wasn't the nicest hiding spot but it was my only choice.

I ran around the corner and leaped into the plastic green bin. The smell made my eyes water and my face compress together to stop the putrid smell from entering. Have they gone? I listened for footsteps. Maybe they were waiting for me or sneaking up on me and waiting for the opportune moment to pounce.

I was scared. Should I just run? I couldn't stand the smell much longer and knew I had to get out. Pulling myself out out I had a glance around. Nobody. While taking in a sign of relief I saw them. Standing there, thinking hard, I knew I only had one chance. Running

After realizing this maybe was a bad idea, I was already half way down the street. If I were to survive I couldn't stop running. Although my legs are weak and skinny, I couldn't feel pain as the nerves over took it so I was left with a jelly feeling. They were drawing near.

Just as I thought I'd out run them... I slipped. "Urgh," the pain in my left arm was unbearable and now I was on the floor they caught up.

"Hi Imogen, have a little accident? Want me to call your mommy," everyone laughed except me.
"Come on get up. Every time we meet your on the floor."

"Go away," I said with a stern look. I was trying not to cry because I wanted to seem strong.

"MAKE ME!" She shouted. I couldn't make her she had 5 minions with her and I had me alone. It would be hard enough trying to fight her alone that's without the others. I knew I had lost but I didn't know what this meant and what was to follow....

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