I hit back harder

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Isolation was over and the day seemed dull and lonely. Marcus didn't say much, I didn't know what he was thinking about and right now I didn't care. There was way too much on my mind. Alex, Marcus, Julia and now most of the school including my teachers.

Alex hates me. I didn't even do anything. I have to prove to Alex it wasn't me. Thinking hard, I had it. But it will have to wait because I have to go to the heads office now.

"Iv called your mom,"Mrs McDonner the head of year nine explained. My must have felt saddened and downhearted when miss told her which made me more frustrated. "Your suspended," NO! Not suspension. I couldn't keep it in any longer the feeling of sadness and distress linger for to long. Keep it in Imogen. You'll be ok it will sort itself out. I knew it wouldn't. "2 weeks she went on."

I pleaded, " but miss please, I did do anything I swear to you." Not once had I begged but at this moment I had to. "Miss McDonner please." I used all the tricks in the book to win her over and it worked.

"Ok ok, I'll lower your suspension 2 days only 2 days I expect you to be on your best behavior. I'm trusting you Imogen your a very bright girl."

"Thankyou miss. I will do good I promise." and it was as simple as that. My suspension had been lowered and I had two days to prep and get people to relies what Julia is really about. She can hit me but I'll hit her harder.

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