I knew it

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I wake up. Wash my face and get ready for school. I have Maths, English, ict, drama and then PE. Iv never been the best at any of these subjects but the one I fail at most is PE. Who in there right mind enjoys jogging round a muddy field in the cold for an hour. I certainly don't. But I had no choice I had to. It was now 8:00 and I had to get the bus to school.

Walking out the door I wave goodbye to my mom.

"Bye Imogen. Zip up your coat it's cold," she always say that, I never did zip up my coat and I always do get colds but I don't like zipping my coat up so I guess I'll just have to live with getting colds now and again.

I walked up the hill to my bus stop. The road was wide and steep and I always thought the bus would roll backwards because it was so steep. It never did. Anyway the bus came speeding along up the hill and I was only half way there. Hopefully, if I wave they will stop. No just carried on going.

"Shit," I deliberately said quietly so that nobody heard. Thinking about it, no one was there, so I could have shouted it as loud as I like but I didn't want to disturb sleeping people in there homes.

At the top of the hill the bus stopped? I hear a voice calling me to hurry up or the bus will go. I run as fast as I can- which wasn't very fast- so I can catch the bus. I'm there yay but look who else is? I pay for my ticket, £1.20 and then go up to the second floor away from him. Although, it didn't work for long as I heard his exact footstep coming to sit with me.

"Your welcome," he says with his usual grin,"Can I sit with you? It's a free country so even if you say no I will."

"Free country? Oh so that's why you have to pay for food, homes, phones, clean water. I don't think its very free," I reply with utter determination to make him sit somewhere else.

"I'll take that as a yes then,"he sits down looking into my sleepy brown eyes.

"What ?" I ask in a straight up sorta way."What are you looking at. There's not much to look at."

"Oh there is. Many great things I'm looking at. Yanoe Imogen I really want to get to know you," he replies calmly.

I blush, nobody's ever said that to me before. What should I say to him? "Nobody wants to get to know me," wow trust me to reply in the most depressing way possible.

"See you may think that, but you don't know it. There's a lot of things you don't know because you don't look at them how I do. So take it from me you are beautiful and I'm not a bad guy." he turned away trying to make this like a clique film.

"Ok. Alex. Is this a joke. I don't believe a word you say I honestly think your trying to mess with me and make fun of me," I storm of the bus in anger. It's now 8:30 and I'm about 15 stops away from school I'm not going to make it in time.

I walk for what seemed like hours but was only 30minutes until I reached the school. I was practically dripping with sweat. Luckily our school had showers. 5 minutes wouldn't hurt. Nobody was there so I got undressed and left my stuff on the side. Showering was the one thing I loved most but never did in the morning because I didn't have enough time. I got out and got dressed problem free.

Walking into class I saw Julia and Alex sitting next to each other giggling. I knew it! He was a jerk, there probably going out and he was just messing with me because she told him to. Wow! My body infused with rage and I walking to my seat and opened my book.

I'd missed period 1 and was now in English. We had to write a short story about something tragic and heartbreaking I had just the plot and if it was the best you got achievement points. Mine was about a girl who had lost her dad and was seeking out a friend to talk to but found a guy who betrays her and goes on to be evil.

Surprisingly mine won. Actually, it wasn't a surprise mine was so deep and detail I seemed like it had actually happened. Oh wait. It had.

School went on and as per usual I sat alone at break and lunch. I guess I was getting used to the loneliness. That wasn't the greatest achievement. Imogene achieved the I can go alone achievement. Nope didn't like the sound of that.

"Bring bring bring,"the school bell rang, school was over. I made my way to the park.......

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