Chapter 6:

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"What?" The curly haired boy questions.

"Shall I make it 40?" Siyang questions, looking sternly at the boy, before turning his gaze onto the rest of the team.

"What do you all want?" He asks them.

"Who is she?" Asks the scary guy who wore a bandana.

Siyang sighed before pinching the bright of his nose.

"This is Yu Ying-Yue. My best friend since childhood. She'll be starting school with us tomorrow. And NO, we are not dating" He tells them.

"So.... then you're single?" Curly hairs ask, winking at me.

Almost as if on cue, a horn honks, catching all of our attention. We all turn to see a black car pulling up beside us.

I smile, seeing Mr. Han exited the car. He walked up to me, before smiling to everyone else.

"Miss Yu. Your grandfather insisted I keep watch of you today, as it's your first time walking this neighborhood." Mr. Han says before turning to Siyang.

"Mr. Mu. It's a pleasure to see you again." Mr. Han says respectfully to him.

"Hello Mr. Han." Siyang responds, shaking Mr. Hands hand.

I can't help but laugh, seeing the reactions we were getting from the rest of the tennis team.

"Who is he?" Asks another tall guy, whom I hadn't yet spoken to.

"I'm the personal driver to the CEO of Yu Enterprises, and also Miss Yu, if she needs be." Mr. Han states.

"Do you two need a ride home?" Mr. Han continues to ask.

"Yes, please." Siyang says, as he grabs my hand and pulls me towards the car.

I turn towards the rest of the team, waving to them as I get into the car.

"Bye. I hope I meet you all tomorrow." I say, as Siyang closes the door behind us.

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