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Youthful Days by riliefox
Youthful Daysby Rilie Fox
Hanamachi Ayuna is a flawless girl with two secrets: 1) a mysterious, recurring bad dream, 2) the ability to predict tennis match outcomes. Once in Seigaku, she befriend...
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Fly High - A Kuroko no Basuke and Prince of Tennis Story by reiion
Fly High - A Kuroko no Basuke reiion
She had only played tennis. She was Echizen Ryoma's sister, daughter of Echizen Nanjiroh. Since she was young, it was tennis, tennis and more tennis. It was her life. Ev...
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Trusting Friendship to Classical Love (Tezuka Love Story) by KatherineIn
Trusting Friendship to Classical KatherineIn
Tezuka and I knew each other since we were little kids. He listened to my music. I played tennis with him. I played the piano for him. We were best friends. One day, I m...
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To Love a Stoic Captain (Tezuka Love Story) by KatherineIn
To Love a Stoic Captain (Tezuka KatherineIn
Yumi goes to Germany to rehabilitate her leg after a bus accident. Later on, she was called to the doctor office and was assigned to pick up a patient at the airport. Wh...
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Pretty Blossom to Beauty (Tezuka Kunimitsu Love Story) by KatherineIn
Pretty Blossom to Beauty (Tezuka KatherineIn
Hatori Ayumi was returning to Japan to care for her grandfather. She couldn't wait to see him and an old friend. Upon arrival, she met Ryuzaki-sensei at her home to talk...
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ECHIZEN RIKA (prince of tennis story) by sasaki_Senna
ECHIZEN RIKA (prince of tennis Sasaki Senna
After being in rehab for 3 years, Echizen Rika is finally back. She then enrolled in Seigaku where her little brother is. She met the tennis boys club and as well as s...
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The Bad Boy Tennis Player by tesss_k
The Bad Boy Tennis Playerby Tessa
17 year old, Katie Stevens lives and breathes tennis. Especially after the tragic death of her twin sister when she is completely alone and refuses to do anything else...
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His Princess by RiemaXoXo
His Princessby RiemaXoXo
No one actually understands why Echizen Ryoma refused to be a pro.
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Broken Wings [Prince of Tennis Fanfic] by duolci
Broken Wings [Prince of Tennis Duolci
This is a fanfiction based on prince of tennis. "To me, tennis was my life, my soul, my everything." "I couldn't remember when I started playing tennis. W...
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Tokugawa no Imouto (Prince of Tennis) by Cecelia_Allore
Tokugawa no Imouto (Prince of Cecelia_Allore
Someone from Ryoma's past returns and meets him at the top class Under 17 Tennis Camp, What's this? The Child of God, Seigaku's Pillar of Support, and the King of Hyotei...
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Ryoma's Girlfriend?!  || PoT FANFIC by jjacelyn03
Ryoma's Girlfriend?! || PoT FANFICby мαιι👑💫
(A Ryoma Fanfiction) A girl. Precisely Ryoma's childhood friend. He unwillingly leaves her in the USA not knowing that she also came to Japan. She joins Seigaku knowing...
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Deafening Silence ( prince of tennis) (#wattys2016) by HannahAill
Deafening Silence ( prince of Hannah Aill
Echizen Roko is Ryoma's twin brother. He's intelligent, stubborn, rude and mute. So what happens when the Echizen twins finally separate, and Roko chooses to go to Rikka...
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Broken Strings (Prince of Tennis/ slow burn love story) by InariKiri
Broken Strings (Prince of InariKiri
Broken racket strings can't be mended, only replaced. But a body is nothing like that. You can't replace your body when it's broken. You can only hope it will heal and t...
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Tennis no Ojou-sama: A Prince of Tennis Fan Fiction by LCScarlett
Tennis no Ojou-sama: A Prince of L.C. Scarlett
Totally alike to the point that they hate each other, Echizen Ryoma and Fujioka Ryouko became rivals at a very early age. Reunited after being separated from each other...
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The confident ragini by dikrish
The confident raginiby N.Divya
She is beautiful,innocent,sensitive,sweet,shy,lovely,a pure soul who loves everybody!she wants to be confident He is handsome like a Greek God, a gentleman who respects...
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The Empress [Prince of Tennis + Kuroko No Basket Crossover] by Xx-Yuki-xX
The Empress [Prince of Tennis + Depends.
The door busted open as she stepped in with her heels clicking against the marble floor, immediately stopping all the chattering by grabbing every players' attention. Ho...
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Tagged // Tennis Fanfic by mywildimaginationn
Tagged // Tennis Fanficby joey
Ivelisse Costa is on the comeback trail. Aurelia Zaccardi is a player at the top of her game. Quinn McNamara is a star on the rise. Three girls each with their own Insta...
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Prince of Tennis: Ryoma's Mysterious Sister, Echizen Ryoka! by Neko1290
Prince of Tennis: Ryoma's Shin-chan
(CURRENTLY ON HIATUS) Echizen Ryoma is a definitely a mysterious boy, but not many would have predicted this! Echizen Ryoma has a sister! Younger twin sister to be prec...
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The Princess of Tennis: Ryoma's Sister by Dieplin
The Princess of Tennis: Ryoma's DiepLin Y.
A mysterious girl, whose tennis skills are superior to most boys, transfers to Rikkaidai's tennis team. There, she proves that she can handle boy's tennis and become one...
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Echizen Rika: The Next Challenge by sasaki_Senna
Echizen Rika: The Next Challengeby Sasaki Senna
After finally reaching the top, Winning the National Tournament, Seigaku is then invited to the prestigeous U-17 camp!!! Since Rika is also invited, There's definitely a...
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