Chapter 3:

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I walk up the steps of the school, seeing some students walking around. I walk up to them, a polite smile on my face.

"Uhm, excuse me. But would you happen to know where I could find a student named Mu Siyang?" I ask them.

"Mu Siyang? He should be on the tennis court. The team is having their qualifying's to see who will play in the upcoming tennis tournaments." Says a boy.

"Could you tell me where the tennis court is? I'm new here so I don't know my way around yet." I admit to them.

"Yes, It's down this path and you keep walking until you see a sign that points to the indoor tennis courts. The outdoor courts are right behind that building." Says a girl now.

"Thank you so much for your help. I'll be going now." I say, thanking the students as I make my way down the path that they had pointed me towards.

I became very nervous as I walked down the path. I fixed my skirt, brushing at any wrinkles. I was both excited and nervous to see Siyang again. Sure we had talked a lot on the phone while I was gone, but what if we aren't as close when we meet in person? I hoped he would still think of me the same as he did before I left. I didn't want to lose my best friend.

I finally came up to a building with a sign that said 'Indoor courts' on the side. I walked past it, seeing the outdoor courts just past it. I could hear voices coming from the tennis court, where I saw multiple students playing against one another.

Just outside the court, however, I saw a table and bulletin board set up, where 2 male students were speaking. They both wore matching, blue sports uniforms. They must have been a part of Siyang's team.

I smile, walking over to the 2 males.

"Excuse me, but do either of you know where I could find Mu Siyang?" I ask them.

Both boys quickly turn, looking down at me. They were both tall ,so I had to look up at them. They looked down at me in confusion.

The taller boy, who wore glasses, was the first to speak.

"May I ask who you are?" He asked me.

"I'm Yu Ying Yue, an old friend of his. He doesn't know I'm here though, so I wanted to surprise him." I tell him, smiling to myself.

"Siyang doesn't have many female friends. Interesting." The boy with glasses says, as he then pulls out a blue notebook. He walks away as he writes into the notebook.

I watch on in confusion as he walks away. I turned to the remaining boy, questioning what had happened.

"Don't worry about him. I'm Chi Dayong." The boy says, holding his hand out to me.

I shake his hand with a smile.

"About Siyang, he should be on the tennis court, right about now. There's a match that I know he'll want to see. You're welcome to come watch as well." Dayong tells me, as he starts leading the way.

"Thankyou." I say, following behind him.

We entered the tennis court, where a match had just started between a big muscular kid and a small skinnier kid.

Dayong led me over to the bench where I saw the boy with glasses already seated.

"Here, sit down." He offers to me.

"Thanks." I say, sitting down as Dayong sits beside me.

Both Dayong and the other boy watched the game intently, as it seemed that both players were well matched. Although it seemed that the bigger kid was using up way more energy, making him grow tired.

The match quickly ended, with the smaller boy winning.

"Lu Xia wins" The referee announces.

'He plays well' I think to myself.

I then busy myself by looking around the court, trying to find Siyang. I stand from the bench, just as the muscular boy walks off the court. He stops when he notices me.

"They sent another reporter? I already told the other one that heels aren't allowed on the tennis court." He tells me.

I stepped back slightly, as he seemed very intimidating.

"I'm not a reporter.... A-And I'm not wearing heels." I tell him, pointing down to the black, buckle shoes that I wore on my feet.

The boy grumbles in annoyance before turning and walking away.

I shake my head, turning to look for Siyang once again.

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