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Courting an Heiress by XiomaraRivera627
Courting an Heiressby Xiomara Rivera
Yu Ying Yue returns from her England boarding school, wanting to finish her last year of school with her lifelong best friend Mu Siyang before she has to take over her...
Little Snape🐍 by XiomaraRivera627
Little Snape🐍by Xiomara Rivera
Being the daughter of Professor Snape, Amy wants nothing more than to, continuously, make her father proud. With her father being friends with Lucius Malfoy, Amy practic...
Book of Shiteu by HobisHearteu
Book of Shiteuby Eomma-nim
The title says it all tbh Book of Shiteu 1/2
Underneath your blood is blue (Bert x reader) by TheCreator900
Underneath your blood is blue ( TheCreator900
Two Blue bloods. One is a chimney sweep and one is a theatre star. This is my best description. Mary Poppins Bert x reader. This is based on the Broadway musical and Ber...
Mary Poppins: Practically Perfect by writersblog
Mary Poppins: Practically Perfectby Hannah
***SHORTLISTED TOP 20 WICKED YOUNG WRITERS AWARDS 2015*** Hello, my name is Mary Poppins, former Nanny to Jane and Michael Banks and Practically Perfect in Every Way. Bu...
Harry Potter Theories by PrincessSagittarius3
Harry Potter Theoriesby PrincessSagittarius3
Here are some of my most favorite Harry Potter Theories out there. These Theories are made by others. The videos are made by SuperCarlinBrothers. Be sure to check out m...
Temptress by ThomasBerryman
Temptressby ThomasBerryman
They were like Adam and Eve, but it was neither an apple nor a snake that caused the others fall into temptation, it was each other. Despite his flaws Ned found the perf...
Me by _RL800_
Meby RL800
Stuff about me or things I want to get off my chest. I know some will ridicule me, but it's just writing helps me get my emotions out and in control. Also some ideas I h...
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fuck life</3 by MAKawesome
fuck life</3by MAKawesome
this is some of my story and hopefully this can help people feel more connected confident and understood. there's so many people in the world who need to hear that it wi...
She Looks So Perfect - Gravity Falls Dipcifica (Completed) by EzeyPeazy
She Looks So Perfect - Gravity Zero_5 (Hiatus)
She Looks so Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer. So, sequel 2. To much edits? Well yeah. They are 14 here. There dad just dropped by them and rolled out. From the title, &qu...
big black hoodie by Reah_beans
big black hoodieby Reah_beanz
Olivia is a 16-year-old girl in high school
• A soft fantasy ;; n,e • by iamstupidity
• A soft fantasy ;; n,e •by iamstupidity
just a fantasy to a young girl.. but it just shatters... like a chi...
Kpop Memes, Funny Stuff, and Shenanigans by Yourcatspeakskorean2
Kpop Memes, Funny Stuff, and Yourcatspeakskorean2
Literally what the title says.... Random things we find funny that are Kpop related! This will probably be the most consistently updated book, because there's always ti...
Entry 365 by randompersonblog
Entry 365by randompersonblog
So I know wattpad is for stories and books and "young writers" but frankly, I'm no good at writing! There. I said it. That's why this a account is annonomys an...
OC Book by MusicalSandwich
OC Bookby Enjoy our corn or I will eat...
I am to lazy to write out OCs over and over again. (None of these pictures are mine.)
Dare the OCs! by Nikoraxanime
Dare the OCs!by Nikota and Sora
Some of my OCs will play a little game of Dare. Will this be a normal game, or a game full of craziness and randomness. You can tell me suggestions for dares and maybe I...
Morbus by 7_helleven
Morbusby 7_helleven
Very little made sense, especially the part where he agreed to jump from a space shuttle, with nothing but a parachute, and the clothes on his back like he was skydiving...
the unknown family by cylvier
the unknown familyby cylvier
(please read authors note) hey this is a story me and my friend roleplayed from a while back in roblox/discord (with some added to it) the group was happy until squirrel...