Chapter 5:

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"Nope. I'm going with you." I tell him, making him stop walking.

Siyang turns to face me, a look of confusion in his eyes.

"Starting tomorrow, I'll be attending school here. Also, grandfather rented the house next to yours, so he told me to go home with you." I say with a smile.

"Really?" He asks me, a hint of a smile on his face.

Just then, we heard some shuffling noises from behind us. We turned, looking to see who it was, but no one was there.

"Let's go then, we can talk as we go." Siyang tells me as he leads the way.

We walk in silence for a few minutes before I break the silence.

"Why are you so quiet? I thought you'd be happy to see me." I ask with a pout.

"I am, it's just. I don't want you to think that I've changed." He tells me, keeping the straight look on his face.

I link my arms with his, smiling up at him.

"You'll always be my best friend. No matter what." I tell him, earning a soft smile in return.

"Okay, well, what happened? Why did you come back, not that I'm complaining." Siyang questions.

"I missed China, and I missed my best friend. I didn't want to finish off school without you. Once I graduate, I'll be working to take over the company. So I didn't want to spend my last year without my best friend in the whole wide world. And grandfather said that as long as I keep up my studies, I could come back." I tell him.

"I'm happy you're back," He tells me.

"But now I have to explain to those kids that we aren't dating." Siyang says with a look of embarrassment on his face.

"Who are you calling kids?!" A voice yells.

Siyang and I stopped walking then. We turn, seeing the rest of the tennis team following behind us.

"Tang Jiale, why did you blow our cover?" Another tall boy asked, yelling at the curly headed boy.

"Because, Siyang called us kids. We aren't kids. We're men!" The boy, who I assumed to be Tang Jiale, exclaimed.

"20 laps before practice." Siyang says with a straight face.

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