Chapter 1:

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****Starting this off, the OC's name is Yu Ying Yue. She is the sole heir of her families company, making her an heiress. She grew up alongside Mu Siyang before being sent to England to attend an all girls boarding school to hone her skills as a proper lady in order for her to take over the company. Also, while she will take over her families company, her grandfather requires her to get married in order to do so, but will allow her to marry who she pleases. Please enjoy!!!!!!******

An hour more. Just one more hour until I would arrive back in my home country. I missed China.

In middle school, my grandparents had decided to send me to England to study at an all girls boarding school. They wanted me to become a proper lady so that I could find a good husband when I'm older, that way I could hopefully take over the family company.

While I was happy to obey my grandparents, I had been very against leaving behind my best friend, Mu Siyang.

Mu Siyang had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. We had always been in the same school and classes, so we had easily become friends. Even though he could seem really tense at times, as he always kept a straight face. However, I was able to break that act, making him laugh whenever I could, which ultimately got us in trouble at school.

Thinking back to the day that I had left China, I remembered Siyang waiting with me at the airport, waiting for me to leave. He said he would be fine with me gone, but as soon as I was on the plane, he kept texting me that he didn't want me to leave. I couldn't wait to see him again.

Just then, my phone buzzes with a new text. I look down seeing a text from Siyang himself. I smile, opening the message to read it.

"Ying Yue, I know you're in class right now, but I heard you're grandfather was having a company event soon. What is it about?" The message read.

I smile while reading the message. Because Siyang and I were so close, he was also close to my family, so he knew about things that went on with the company. But he didnt know everything, Like the fact that I was returning to China. Or that I had begged my family to let me finish off my senior year of high school with Siyang at Yu Qing High School.

"I'm not sure. I'll ask him about it when I call him later. I have to get back to class, I'll text you later." I lie, quickly typing the message before hitting send.

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