Chapter 31 - The Big Day

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Chapter 31 - The Big Day

Four week later-

My stomach was slightly rounded as I stood facing the mirror in my wedding dress.

It was silky and white with a heart-shaped bodice decorated in sequins. The top-half clung to my stomach and chest in all the right places and the lower-half flowed freely until it reached the floor, caressing it.

The piece-de-resistance was when my sparkling tiara was placed on the top of my head and I stared at it, awe-struck. It looked beautiful.

I looked beautiful.

My hazel eyes sparkled brightly as my bridesmaid and best friend in the whole world clung to my arm, smiling at me proudly like an idiot.

Stacey finished tying up my hair which was done up in a fancy chignon, and almost cried when the veil went over, slightly obscuring my face.

'Finished.' She sniffed as she stared again at my reflection.

I squeezed her arm gratefully. 'Thank you.' I whispered.

I meant it.

Stacey had embraced my vampire nature from day one - and had never she seen me differently. No matter how obscure and strange my life must've been in comparison to hers.

Now, at eighteen years old I was doing something as drastic as getting married in the eyes of the human world, and she still hadn't batted an eyelash.

I really did love her.

'I love you.' I whispered to her as I hugged her tightly, careful not to crush her too much.

When she pulled back, I saw her lip tremble. 'I love you too, silly. Now, let's go.'

As I left my old room I was greeted by my family members -- including my cousin Lily, who gave me a tight hug as she pressed a bouquet of white flowers into my hands.

She was my second bridesmaid.

'This is it.' Lily smiled proudly as I nodded at her and took the first step downstairs.

Half way, my brother Roland stood proudly in his dark suit and gave me the thumbs up as I passed him. He would no doubt be getting drunk at the reception, I knew. He always did at weddings.

'Good luck, sis.'

I beamed at him.

Both my mother and father engulfed me in a bear hug as I reached the bottom of the stairs. They followed me into the black limo and shut the door as it took us to the large church where the wedding was to be held.

When we got there thirty minutes later, I gaped at how different it looked. Delicate cream and pink ribbons and bows littered the bushes and plants that surrounded it, and underneath the bright sun the church seemed to stand proudly, surrounded by greenery.

Climbing out of the car, I took in the morning sun and crisp cold air before slowly making my way towards the entrance of the church.

No, it wasn't true that vampires repelled holy objects and I was glad too, because I had always loved holy places.

The church (this one in particular), was no exception. We used to come here as a family every Sunday.

When I walked in, the music played and everyone abruptly stood up.

Gripping my father's arm tightly I had to stop myself from trembling when I saw how handsome Adrian looked standing at the altar. He smiled at me widely and I was unable not to stop grinning as we walked down the aisle.

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