Harry Potter and Merlin Collide

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Emma Williams By Emma Williams Updated a month ago
We know about Merlin and certainly about Harry Potter so what will happen when Harry and Melrin meet will this change things will they become friends and how will Harry get back to his own time. 

Merlin will be the greatest warlock known for years to come but what happens when Arthur fails will Harry Potter save Merlin ?
love it! keep going an don't stop  because I know this will turn out  great. ^_^
i find it funny. :))) but in a good way. merlin fan and potterhead right here. only that harry has jet black hair. :)
cool two of my most favorite things in the world! HP AND MERLIN<33333
hi really good. i don't want to sound picky or anything because its really good but harry potter actually has green eyes. the films have got it wrong.
ahhhhh! please continue!!!!(>o<) I love this story...I like the young merlin well harry potter too...he's in camelot...woooooow...
Definitely worth carrying on!!!!!!! :D please continue it when you get the time!