His Secret

August Price had grown up and was no longer the little girl too afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself. After her fathers’ death and split of her Lycan pack August hoped to never see her mother and sisters again. However a invitation to her sisters wedding changes everything. August is not only up against her family that torment her at every turn but new faces that all seem to carry a secret and August finds herself twisted and tangled in a dangerous game. Soon she will have to decide who to trust and if past mistakes really can be forgiven because there is a darkness coming and August finds that her fate had been sealed a long time ago. And don’t forget the mysterious Grey who instantly captures her heart and soul. It seems his secret will change everything....
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Her family seem like real jerks(excluding her dad) I can't believe someone can be that mean to family. Look forward to reading more :)
OMG I love your book! Pls update! It would also mean the world to me if you could read my book :Lost legions :)
Thanks! XD
I like this story,I like August price more.But i like the cover girl as as August more,;) just my silly thinking but I like your books=)
WOW! i guess you don't need much of a review for yu have stacks of fans!!!
but don't worry I will review you anyway.
Good dedication, I did the same with the first chapter of my story. Mom's always the number one fans no matter what and never give up. =P
i was wondering who made your book cover it is amazing !
p.s your storys pretty amazing also,  :O
and i'm off to read the other chapters!

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