Forever yours (Louis Tomlinson,One Direction Fanfic)

"I love you!" "Don't speak like that, don't say goodbye. Not now! Please don't say goodbye!" She was turning hysterical. "You are beautiful Paige Summers!" I said weakly, my blood was staining her hands. I had lost so much blood. Slowly my eyes started to fade... "Louis, Louis wake up! NOOO HELP ME PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP!" Paige was a normal stylist who had one rule in her life: never mix work with personal life! She kept this rule easily...until she met One Direction. Slowly they become best friends and Louis falls in love with her, but he's not the only one! And when tradgedy strikes willl they get there in time or will the only direction they're going be down..
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I love this story already because it's a love story with Louie which Louie is mine!! And Two my name is Paige..and I'm not kidding.
right omg it is super confusing i hope no one dies exspecially LOU!!!!!!!
does Lou die???!!!! it says his blood was all over her hands and that he lost so much blood is he gonna die??????!!!!! NO LOU DONT DIE~!!!!!!!!!!! :(
it is OK as long as Louis never dies I love him almost as much as I love liam and niall well I love them all equally still no dying OK no
I am going to read the book and I REALLY hope louis doesn't die in this
If Lou dies in this story i will metaphorically kill someome

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