yorkshire tea enthusiast and theatre addict. sometimes I pretend to be other people.You can usually find me writing books for my lovely readers, so yeah. Happy reading x
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Somewhere (Vampire Diaries, Klaus Mikaelson)

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Description: (Somehow, combined) In the tenth century Klaus and Kassia were childhood sweethearts;until the werewolves took her life. The witches cast a spell onto her, reincarnating her back into the world but there's one problem; she can't remember her past...

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Forever yours (Louis Tomlinson,One Direction Fanfic)

Forever yours (Louis Tomlinson,One Direction Fanfic)

1.7M 10.4K 1.7K

"I love you!" "Don't speak like that, don't say goodbye. Not now! Please don't say goodbye!" She was tu...

Behind the Curls (Harry Styles, One Direction fanfic)

Behind the Curls (Harry Styles, One Direction fanfic)

264K 2K 709

My hair was trapped on the rock underwater! I began to panic and struggle for air, my heart was beating...

Facing His Demons (Harry Styles, One Direction)

Facing His Demons (Harry Styles, One Direction)

64.1K 1.8K 436

Harry Styles; the bad boy of London, member of Gang 7. The person you wouldn't want to meet on a dark n...

Beneath The Deep

Beneath The Deep

2.1K 62 3

Georgianna was a poor Irish girl, who was moving to America in hope of becoming a singer. Peter was a ri...

Hello lovelies! So I have a month off before college and I need your opinion. If I was to re-write or finish one of my books entirely this month, which one would it be? And I've been offered to put some of my books when finished on an Ebook store, they'd be no more than £1 maximum. Would any of you genuinely invest in it, in order to read the finished book or is it just a waste of time? I never wanted to put you guys in a position where you'd have to pay to read my work, I'm not putting myself on a pedestal, it's just with college and everything I need some income as well as my job for travel. Thanks for reading anyway and be honest! If you wouldn't pay, that's fine I understand and I'll carry on as normal, it'd just motivate me a little more if I was getting more out of it. 
Sophie xx