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A Mindless Behavior Love Story


>> 2 days later

Jay's POV

(2 days had past since me and Ty were giving Roc and Ray the silent treatment. I probaly wasnt such a big deal to fight over but it still hurt when ur boyfriend told u that u two needed to spend "less time" with each other. it felt like i was too boring for him.)

Ty's POV

 (No one except the girls understand me. I'm sure you all want to be called sexy but not every single time. I feel like a damn hoe when Ray keeps callin me sexy. Like am I not beautiful?)

Jay's POV

(I was layin in my bunk when a figure jumped into it and layed on top of me. It was too dark to tell and the person moved his hand over my mouth)

???: It's jus me

(It was Roc)

"Wat the fuck r u doin here," I whisper-yelled.

Roc: to talk

"Well I dont want to tlk to u," I replied.

Roc: damn it jay. why cant u jus listen for once

"u see my cup of care. its empty," i said.

roc: uggggh!

"u kn wat, im leavin. we need to "spend less time w/ each other" right roc?," i stated as I slipped underneath from him and walked to the front of the bus. 

>>Sometime later in the hangout room

Keisha: Okay guys, we're havin some old friends and new ones join us for this tour

MB: Who?

Keisha: The OMG Girlz and Trevante

Roc: Oh shit (Looks at Jay then to the boys)

Ray & Prod: (Worried)

Prince: (Laughs) Ya'll got it bad

Sunny: Wait wat am I missin here?

Prince: Well you see, Roc dated Star, Prod and Babydoll had a one night stand, and so did Ray and Bahja and lets jus say Star and Bahja never got over Roc and Ray. Babydoll got over it tho so Prod you can breathe now.

Jay/Ty: (Gettin more pissed)

Prod: (Lets out a sigh of relief) 

Demi: who the fuck is trevante

Sunny: singer or somethin. i heard his one song, be ur first, someshit like that but eww he ugly

Demi: ohh

Keisha: and they cmon down here tomorrow morning so be good.

Every1: Ahhhhh?

Keisha: wat was that?

Every1: We'll be good

Sunny: (Innocent face) You can count on us

Keisha: girl put that face away, it only works on princeton

Every1 cept Sunny and Prince: (laughs)

>> Next morning

Ray's POV

(I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I fell out of my bunk and it made Ty giggle a little and when she noticed that I saw her, she made a straight face and turned around. Her bunk was right beneath mine. I dashed to the kitchen were I saw Prince makin pancakes.)

"Man, bro you don't kn how much I love you," I said as I hugged Prince.

Prince: Quit bein gay and here watch the pancakes, I gotta go woke up Sunny.

"What can a guy do to get some brotherly love around here," I mumbled to myself.

Prince's POV

(I went to Sunny's bunk, which was right beneath mine, and watched her sleep. She was smiling, so probaly she was dreamin bout somethin happy. I wonder if I was in it? I started to tickle her around her stomach, and next thing I knew, I was holdin my jaw in my hands)

"Owwww," I let out. 

(She had punched me in my jaw)

Sunny: Oh shit. I'm so sorry babe. (She started gettin out of bed)

"Its okay I said, but can I at least get a kiss," I asked.

Sunny: You can be in any sort of pain but u still gonna be princeton (She bent over and planted a kiss on my lips)

"Always be ur self. thats the motto nigga," I said.

Sunny: #1 dont be drake. #2 yolo's the motto #3 i aint no nigga

"watever. but cmon i made breakfast," i said as i pulled her out of the bunk and ran to the kitchen.

Sunny: wow! someones in a hurry.

"i dont want them to get cold for u," i said.

Sunny: awwww!

Sunny's POV

(i started to kiss prince and it almost turned into a make-out session but ray pulled us off of each other)

Ray: gross

Prince: u just missin ur girl

Ray: yo Prince

Prince: yeah wat up ray

Ray: she wont even talk to me

Prince: just give her some time

Ray: but i didnt even do anything wrong

(Roc and Prod walk in)

Roc: man dont steal our lines

Ray/Prince: (laugh)

(A/N: the dialouge between ray and prince was the opening dialouge in "missing you")  

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