A Mindless Behavior Love Story

Two best friends meet Mindless Behavior on their way to Florida. More friends are made throughout the story. All the boys find love or they think they do? There are breakups, makeups, drama, everything else in between and majority of it falling in love. Just a mindless love story♥ ♥ YES, I USED to like MB.
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If you like mb stories go to my page and read chpt one of my first book MISSING YOU ....   BUT ITS NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS ONE 
I am just like her I love Scooby doo and I have everything that involves him like the toys posters and stuffed animals
I went to a VIP thing and met them one time.. They are actually really short haha I'm 4"11 and their only a couple of inches taller than me
@cecetocrazy Uhmm first off how df is that inappropriate . Look up the definition of it please . All I got to say .
@_jaidawaida_ nobody asked for your comment, you could have keep that to yourself also
I love it i wish i was in the store i will be sunny but my really name will be ravynn

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