For "You" by Mistress_0f_W0rds
For "You" by Shazia Poetry
For "You" Who Loved them but forgot to love yourself. ❝A collection of love poetry For every love that you lost, For every love that made you feel lost.❞ Hig...
Jughead Jones🤞🏻Secrets [1] by Riverdale2k17x
Jughead Jones🤞🏻Secrets [1] by Void Fanfiction
Jason Blossom died. No-one knows how. No-one knows who. It seems like everyone is keeping secrets from Aria Blossom. Can she cope with her family being torn to shreds by...
Panic | LIPPA by atoasttothegroom
Panic | LIPPA by 1-800-Hamilton-Trash Fanfiction
"and i'm lookin' in the mirror all the time, wonderin' what she don't see in me." ...
The True Alpha by HappyFairy13
The True Alpha by Cera Werewolf
#15 in Werewolf on 3 September 2017 🔘 Updates every Tuesday [IST] Avaline Lina Norris, is not a normal wolf. She is different and she can feel it. She is not 'just ano...
Adopted by Melanie Martinez|| wattys2017 by Milly_1323
Adopted by Melanie Martinez|| watt... by Milly_1323 Fanfiction
Life was always difficult for Emilia. Abandoned, bullied, abused, suicidal, depressed, and all that sad stuff. She thought she would always be in the system until she wa...
He is a Psycho by LovelyVW
He is a Psycho by LovelyV Horror
Blaire Addison was a normal teenager. She goes to a boarding school for girls in the middle of Texas. Blaire thought her life was normal until she met Elliot. Elliot w...
Only Jamie... by notme16
Only Jamie... by lazypotati Humor
-love is like a cliff. It can be dangerous if you fall too deep. -------- -------- Jamie Summers being the plain boring girl with amazing hot best friends an...
True♡ h.s. #TheWattys2017 by -daisyfresh
True♡ h.s. #TheWattys2017 by brat Fanfiction
based in 1972, in which, harry styles, a stuck up high school baseball player falls in love with jane baker, a 16 year old feminist who's not a fan of him or his antics
The First Rule  by dracaarys
The First Rule by vinnie Mystery / Thriller
#64 | 27/06/17 Trinity Academy is a school for social elites and high-class nobles, therefore it is rather convenient to have a social ladder within the premises. In the...
P.S I love you #Wattys2017 by AnnaKriztina
P.S I love you #Wattys2017 by AnnaKriztina Teen Fiction
"I always thought Adam was my true love - that he was the only person that could make me feel alive. So when he broke up with me, my world fell apart and my heart s...
Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader || ✔️ by maroon_potter
Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader || ✔️ by maroon_potter Fanfiction
COMPLETED! "My name is Lin-Manuel Miranda. You are?"
Why Ron? (a romione and dramione love story) by Pumpkin-Wizard
Why Ron? (a romione and dramione l... by Pumpkin-Wizard Fanfiction
This story is set a year after the war. What could Ron do to tear the Golden Trio apart?
Bringing Color to You (ONGOING) by GabbyColvez
Bringing Color to You (ONGOING) by GabbyColvez Romance
Cover by: @Inara_Sadruddin She's a painter who only sees the world in black and white for she is color-blind. He is the opposite from her for he can see all colors. Not...
Quotes and funny sayings! by weirdawk3
Quotes and funny sayings! by Noelani Random
These are quotes and funny sayings, no duh!!! So um.... Enjoy and lol!
Z-pocalypse by Jey_Nathan
Z-pocalypse by Øfficiål Nathan Horror
A Bio Engineered viral Weapon gone wrong, causes the world to be at the brink of extinction. There is only one cure, and its miles away from them. Join the Rag-Tag team...
A Book Of Moments From Many Lives... by RowenaBosconovitch18
A Book Of Moments From Many Lives... by Rowena Bosconovitch Random
A Book of short stories, quotes, notes, questions, mini poems from my surroundings, from things that people generally don't notice. A book full of words of optimism, pes...
(chcę) INACZEJ  by cellarstairs
(chcę) INACZEJ by cellarstairs Romance
Druga część opowiadania pt. "(nie) POTRAFIĘ INACZEJ". - Olu! Zaczekaj, proszę! - krzyczałam. Czułam na sobie wzrok wszystkich osób na korytarzu. Zaczęłam s...
Rosebank by SanchezWintor
Rosebank by Sanchez Wintor General Fiction
"Oh my God. Is that Abigail Brooklyn?" Asked Fred they all turned to the double doors our mouths dropped. She's back.
The Forest Garden Saga-Entrance into Caius (The Wattys 2017) by Elegantspeaker
The Forest Garden Saga-Entrance in... by Elegantspeaker Fantasy
The night was cold as faeries watched from their heavenly perches as Ons was stripped of her wings, "You are hereby banished from Samira for the crimes you have com...
OUTBREAK ; Dylan Spouse by misstonii
OUTBREAK ; Dylan Spouse by STARK Teen Fiction
The World changed right before our eyes. We were one of the last standing survivors. Everything that has happened must be put behind us, for we are stronger now and we g...