Falling in love with the Muslim girl ✔ by TheSecretWriterr94
Falling in love with the Muslim gi... by Siham 🌻 Spiritual
[My stories do NOT represent Islam, they represent most Muslims nowadays] ~~~~ "So I can't be this close to you?" Brody softly asked, pretending he didn't know...
It Started As A Game... by taylor103095
Relationshit [Completed] by HarleenQuinzel30
Relationshit [Completed] by Harley Quinn Teen Fiction
[BEBERAPA PART DIPRIVATE SECARA ACAK] Kenyataannya, jatuh cinta setelah hati patah berkeping - keping itu tidak pernah mudah. [Next Story : Then There's You]
Arranged Marriage With Rocky || My Cold Husband by adibah_tofu
Arranged Marriage With Rocky || My... by Kawaii Tofu Fanfiction
I love him. I hate her. I get butterflies from him. I get disgusted of her. It was love at first sight. It was a one-sided love. When suddenly, everything changed and it...
Love Makes You Stupid [Editing] by AyaUmali10
Love Makes You Stupid [Editing] by Anne Emerose Umali Teen Fiction
Sabi nga nila minsan nagiging tanga ka na dahil lang sa pag-ibig. Pero di ba kapag naging tanga ka na minsan doon mo mapapatunayan na mahal mo sya. Eh kung pagod na pago...
Falling for the nerd, King of Vampires by Josh_Golden
Falling for the nerd, King of Vamp... by Josh_Golden Vampire
Alexia is a normal girl, with a normal life, one day her and her family go to a new town, Alexia was never popular but she was okay with it, she always had the problem t...
Pangeran Kecil Ku by hahagirl_26
Pangeran Kecil Ku by hahagirl_26 Teen Fiction
"Princess, lo pergi dan gak pamit sama gue. Kenapa?" - Gilang Adya Sulaiman
You're my mess by essebk
You're my mess by S B K Romance
Era un continuo gioco tra quei due, un continuo battibecco, un continuo amarsi senza neppure saperlo. ©All rights deserved @essebk™
In love with my best friend. by dhwani_sonde
In love with my best friend. by Dhwani Sonde ChickLit
[ #43 in chicklit as of 21/4/17] Love is all fun and games until you fall in love with your best friend who is also a famous f*ckboy. Darci Scott craved "one woman...
kitten ♡ [muke] by princess-aria
kitten ♡ [muke] by aria ♡ Fanfiction
In which Michael thinks he is a kitten. ♡ [all rights to 5sos // au // muke // original idea ♡ ] ( book one )
Imagine Your Crush by bscho16
Imagine Your Crush by Bridget Short Story
Imagines for you about your crush!
Bis sie starb #wattys2017 by Claire_storys
Bis sie starb #wattys2017 by Claire_storys Teen Fiction
Wie kann es sein das wegen einen einzelnen Fehler ,die beste Person in meinen Leben stirbt? Scarlett und V sind beste Freundinnen. Gemeinsam studieren sie in Yale und g...
Nerd Guy Next Class [COMPLETED] by fifthink
Nerd Guy Next Class [COMPLETED] by fifthink Teen Fiction
Mengisahkan si You Jung yang mempunyai taste yang pelik terhadap lelaki. Ramai gadis yang sukakan lelaki yang sado, ada muscle, terror dalam basketball etc and sweet tal...
Pet Shop (Day6 Jae) by fragileblossom
Pet Shop (Day6 Jae) by かわいい Fanfiction
"I like cats." "So do I. It's my favourite pet and I owned one at home. Her name's Jennie." "And my name's Jae. Nice to meet you. I love your an...
Untold TRUTH (COMPLETED)  by mysterious2257
Untold TRUTH (COMPLETED) by Mysterious Teen Fiction
Liza, or Elizabeth Weasley- the girl with loving personality. You can see her laughing, cheering and joking. She just looks like the girls of her age- except that she...
In un istante può spuntare il sole by FedericoGuerini
In un istante può spuntare il sole by FedericoGuerini Random
Racconti della mia vita. L'amore non ricambiato fa schifo. Pensarla nonostante tutto fa schifo. La vita è bella. Non sono bravo con le descrizioni, spero vi piaccia il...
ADDEN'S EVIDENCE by joelarthrta
ADDEN'S EVIDENCE by Joel Arthur Tongam Teen Fiction
(Pernah lihat cinta segi empat, namun ditengahnya ada segitiga? disini akan dibahas mengenai itu) Pemuda jangkung, penuh dengan aura positif yang memancar dari kemurnian...
Lost in Thought by meifwa__phan
Lost in Thought by Sydney♏️ Teen Fiction
Cover art by me! Gia Lakeford's mind is always buzzing. From college, to her social life, to her love life, her mind is always jumping from one subject to the next. It p...
Ang Batang Ina by marianajuana04
Ang Batang Ina by secret Short Story
Tungkol sa isang dalaga na maaga nagkaanak . please read thanks :)