Hunter by LovelyWriter123
Hunter by D.M. Emerald Werewolf
When Aubrey meets the handsome Hunter Grey she can't help but want to know more about the mysterious stranger. As she learns more about him she learns all the people she...
Courage -a naruto fanfiction- by fire_sky
Courage -a naruto fanfiction- by Sky Hays Random
Sora is running from her past, running from her future. But her new life in Konoha takes a drastic turn for the worst, and her past slips into the present. Will she hav...
Flight 21 by shainamason
Flight 21 by Shaina Mason Teen Fiction
Avery Quinton is a rebel. So when she gets expelled from her fourth boarding school her parents decide it's time to fly her home. Trent Ashton isn't normal. He's rude, c...
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy) by Mouki21
How To Befriend An Alien (BoyxBoy) by ENJOY! Teen Fiction
Tyler Montgomery is a space geek. He loves Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who and Avatar. But most of all, he believes that we are not alone in the universe, and he's d...
Her. by echoes_of_silence_
Her. by Wanderlust Short Story
She looked like a p e r f e c t i m p e r f e c t i o n Smelled like v a n i l l a Sang like an a n g e l Felt like s i l k And tasted i n t o x i c a t i n g
The Lost Prince [On Hold] by lara_mandell
The Lost Prince [On Hold] by The Selfish Penguin Fantasy
Part of the Silver Prophecy Trilogy 'Who will you trust with your life? My names Tessa, but you can call me Tess. Let me tell you I am not the most popular girl in the w...
A English girl in America: Faced with the school player: a disaster waiting to happen. by Passion4reading
Abducted by 10mirrormask01
Abducted by Your Worst Nightmare Mystery / Thriller
Shadow is a normal girl until a mysterious stranger abducts her to add to his collection. he is taking her far from EVERY THING she knows into a new world or shall i say...
Him. by echoes_of_silence_
Him. by Wanderlust Short Story
He looked like an a n g e l Smelled like c i g a r e t t e s Sounded like a m e l o d y Felt like v e l v et And tasted f o r b i d d e n
Senses (Unedited) by Imagine_New_Worlds
Senses (Unedited) by Ari Teen Fiction
Lynn loves her eyes, who doesn't? She watches movies, reads books, and looks up at the stars. She couldn't live without them. But that all changes when a boy moves to he...
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers, by Pryde7 Non-Fiction
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Love At 1st FART😤(completed ) by chuchusizzling
Love At 1st FART😤(completed ) by chuchusizzling Humor
It is the most ridiculous story. You may have heard about love at first sight BUT First time love will start with a Fart. yes a FART.😱😱 You don't believe than read it...
Flowers in the Snow by momamoose
Flowers in the Snow by Steph, or Moor Poetry
Just a collection of poems.
angel a twilight story by Angelsong12
angel a twilight story by Angelsong12 Fanfiction
Eleanor uley, is 15 years old after her mums death she has no choice but to move in with her dad Sam uley, there she encounters a blood thirsty vampire who only wants he...
The Synesthesia Files by Astrophie
The Synesthesia Files by Astrophie Non-Fiction
This is a collection of interviews of Wattpad users with Synesthesia. I think it would be really cool to see how different and unique everyone is, and this is one way to...
Priceless by Problematic7
Priceless by Ani Fanfiction
Priceless: an online magazine that has people all around the world hooked to its quirky and relevant news. There are five girls who run Priceless - Addison, Charlie, Jul...
Sensory Story Starters by btabata14
Sensory Story Starters by btabata14 Non-Fiction
I write chapters using the 5 senses. These chapters do not relate to any story, but you may copy and paste my chapters to use for your books. FOR ANYONE WHOS EVER HAD WR...
Werewolf Vs Vampire Rp by XxdramioneheadxX
Werewolf Vs Vampire Rp by Rpinghead basically XD Random
Werewolves and Vampires have had a bitter relationship from the time of their creation.So you think a vampire.or a werewolf will be able to change it into a bett...
Wolf Camp by SLB8000
Wolf Camp by SLB Teen Fiction
"I can smell your fear when you sleep, when you shower, when you change your clothes," I opened my eyes to see his dazzling face only a few centimeters from mi...
Pheromones by AntonScheller
Pheromones by Anton Scheller Horror
Who doesn't want to be attractive? [Somewhat NSFW]