Love Me Deep  by zatty72
Love Me Deep by zatty72 Werewolf
"I love you so much but leave me alone kyle "
a short story about paranoia by jrsalton
a short story about paranoia by J.R. Salton Short Story
The minutes lasted longer than minutes, that smell... what is that smell?
Love's 5 Senses by StrongPoet
Love's 5 Senses by Nikki K. Bell Romance
Each sense we use, we use it everyday. We Touch, Hear, Smell, See, and Taste, all the time. Especially when it comes to Love. Each Sense, work together as One to create...
Touch by Aria_Bones
Touch by Jade Short Story
Prince Jaiman of the Bivell Empire is back from his abroad studies. He comes back to find himself already taking over the throne as his father lies sick in bed. The coun...
Bubbles by JLeeS12
Bubbles by J. Lee S. Random
This is just a book where I put down things I've written in the creative writing class I've taken, along with other ideas for my writing.