School for a Delinquent Girl by AlphyAelfwine
School for a Delinquent Girl by Aelfwine Frappuccino
Janeiro Greymonth. School's biggest problem. She bullies lots of students, she ruins lots of appliances and school works; she breaks almost all the school rules. When sh...
  • school
  • student
  • college
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The Lucky Yordles~ Veigar x Lulu by Sapphire228
The Lucky Yordles~ Veigar x Lulu by VeiLu 4evs!
Once upon a time... there was a city of little human-like structure animal creatures or so called Yordles, the Bandle City. There were two yordles that do not fit in. Bo...
  • leagueoflegendsships
  • yordles
  • veigarxlulu
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Dark Matter (League of Legends) by TheTiniestYordle
Dark Matter (League of Legends) by Ghostly Yordle
Veigar is the darkest and most twisted yordle in League of Legends. He may be tiny but he packs a large amount of damage into all his attacks and can dominate the rift e...
  • veigar
  • romance
  • luluxveigar
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The Outsiders by evalie612
The Outsiders by evalie612
Delia can't stand New York anymore. She wants to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. That's where her brother moved to two years ago. At the time he moved, she was only 12. All r...
  • ponyboy
  • sodapop
  • greasers
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Magic was Only the Beginning {Clary Riddle Sequel} by CharlieA
Magic was Only the Beginning {Clar... by Charlie
Clary Riddle has managed to escape from death like her infamous Uncle Harry, but now she’s off facing new dangers. The man with the nefarious eyes was revealed, Eric Abe...
  • hallow
  • apartments
  • new
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Odd Love ( Lulu x Veigar LoL Fanfic) by SupremeVeigar
Odd Love ( Lulu x Veigar LoL Fanfi... by UnfunnyName
Love can bloom in all shapes and sizes. But what about a evil wizard bent on world dominance and a slightly crazy sorceress who is stuck in a imaginary world all the tim...
  • summonersrift
  • tristana
  • kennenxpoppy
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Ravage's Return by Nikki-Freons
Ravage's Return by Bi Writer
Jack Darby was a normal human that worked with the Autobots in their fight against the Decepticons... But then he is kidnapped by Soundwave, who had discovered that Jack...
  • megatron
  • starscream
  • decepticons
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LET ME LISTEN by gurglystomach
LET ME LISTEN by gurglystomach
A montage of vore stories. Some include lots of stomach rumbling, some inflation, and stuffing.
  • tummy
  • growl
  • ache
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Grave Dificultad [Teemo X Tristana] by DanLoked
Grave Dificultad [Teemo X Tristana] by Danloked
Solo nunca se esta.... Aunque lo quiras nadie te lo impide.... Ni la soledad esta sola.
  • grave
  • danloked
  • draven
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The Outsiders x Reader by JenaVeng04
The Outsiders x Reader by 🌼 Gypsy 🌼
Photos not mine, characters not mine. I tried my best so... Yeah enjoy:)
  • random
  • 1960
  • romance
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Home//Darry Curtis// by as-leones
Home//Darry Curtis// by Kristin Blackthorn
Gail Lunsford always had trouble at home. When she is forced from her old home and told to adapt to a new one, she might find home in an unexpected place. New to Tulsa...
  • darry
  • greasers
  • darrelcurtis
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LWF ROYALIST RUMBLE! by mrdabonem98
WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVENT IN LWF: THE ROYALIST RUMBLE! (Disclaimer: all Names, Likenesses and such are not to claim my own. All rights go to their respective owners) I...
  • royalrumble
  • loudhouse
  • wrestling
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Southside by Bmoooky
Southside by Liz
Blondie lives in a small town in Ohio with her Aunt on the Southside of town. She is a part of a band of greasers that would do anything for each other. Life is pretty t...
  • greasers
  • shopping
  • greaser
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The Pit Just Happened?: One-Shots by King-Sideswipe
The Pit Just Happened?: One-Shots by Whirly Birb
WARNING! Prepare to laugh! Series of one-shots to my story "The Pit Just Happened?" featuring our favorite set of twins. There might also be spoilers, might no...
  • rumble
  • ironhide
  • jazz
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School Rumble (YH Generation) by YJastrea11
School Rumble (YH Generation) by Hime_Astrea
Jung Yejin lost her parents and her memory at young age. She was brought in an orphanage where she met Cha Eunji. They got to know each others dark secret but they part...
  • pd101
  • war
  • taglish
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Hora de acabar con esto (Escuadrón Omega) by XPoppyX13
Hora de acabar con esto (Escuadrón... by Honey♥
La conquista de Noxus y de las máquinas bélicas construidas por Viktor, ya ha tomado riendas y con ella ha traído la destrucción de toda Runaterra. Las pocas personas qu...
  • tristana
  • lulu
  • noxus
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Truth or dare my little pony by catdog556
Truth or dare my little pony by catdog556
No inappropriate truths or dares and no cussing.
  • sweetiebelle
  • buttonmash
  • equestriagirls
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The Eternal Traveler: A League of Legends fanseries by Sputster
The Eternal Traveler: A League of... by Sputster
A League of Legends fanfiction based on the adventures of my yordle OC, Tynen Nalo as he tries to figure out why he was resurrected after falling to the arrow of The Kin...
  • fanfiction
  • kindred
  • characters
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School Rumble RP! by IroshadowGL
School Rumble RP! by Iro the Reaper.
For those who are fans of the anime School Rumble, I've opened up a roleplay for y'all. Warning: MAY CONTAIN WEIRDNESS, LARGE VOCABULARY, AND SOME OOC MOMENTS. YOU HAVE...
  • schoolrumble
  • humor
  • anime
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Why Not? (Rumbleloo) by h8donuts
Why Not? (Rumbleloo) by H
Scootaloo and her cutie mark crusader buddies are almost there to getting thier cutie marks. Then he came. Rumble, Thunderlane's younger brother is a new student in scho...
  • rumble
  • school
  • scootaloo
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