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Solar milestrom   by BigDaddy_Delta
Solar milestrom by BigDaddy_Delta
I don't own mlp, naruto, undertale, or tf2
  • naruto
  • mlp
  • applejack
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Button mash and sweetie belle by eeveeinheat
Button mash and sweetie belleby Marshall the Toxic Asshole
Another mlp romance story button mash and sweetie belle the SweetieMash chronicles a long story.... I dont own mlp
  • fanfiction
  • weird
  • scootaloo
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Jeff The Killer X Laughing Jack ( contains sex, language, gore, and romance.) by katelyngray26
Jeff The Killer X Laughing Jack ( creepypasta fan 101
I explain in the story how Jeff The Killer gets to the mansion and how everyone reacts. 3 years later we get into how Jeff and Jack have developed a friendship, but Jack...
  • bloodypaniter
  • puppeter
  • lulu
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Scootaloo's Father by Bosty11
Scootaloo's Fatherby Bosty11
The Cutie Mark Crusaders Were Doing Ther normal Stuff But Sweetie Belle And Applebloom Get Curios As To Who Scoot Father Is So one Day Thay Follow Her
  • mlp
  • scootaloo
Fall Apart by ShimmerShy
Fall Apartby Shimmer Shy
Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo don't admit to being Anon-a-miss, leaving the truth untold and all blame on Sunset. Feeling as though she's no longer wanted in...
  • equestriagirls
  • canterlothigh
  • applebloom
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The Rainbow Factory *ORIGINAL* by deadloxfanatic79
The Rainbow Factory *ORIGINAL*by not deleting- but inactive
DISCLAIMER- I do not own this story, all credit goes to Aurora Dawn (original song by WoodenToaster). I had noticed that the original fanfiction wasn't on Wattpad, so I...
  • scootaloo
  • rainbowdash
  • blood
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The Day Scootaloo Got To Fly! by StoryMaker21
The Day Scootaloo Got To Fly!by StoryMaker21
Today's the day! Scootaloo can feel like she will finally be able to fly!
  • scootaloo
  • fanfiction
  • cutiemarkcrusaders
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Fallout: Equestria (by Kkat)  by MemoriesDancer
Fallout: Equestria (by Kkat) by MemoriesDancer
The full story published to Wattpad users to save you the hassle of downloading it on google to your google drive, if you have one. This is cut directly from the actual...
  • ministryofawesome
  • fallout
  • radiation
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Love, Loath & Longswords by Partyboom4
Love, Loath & Longswordsby Partyboom4
Temporary Cover By: 1SpoonfulOfSuga (Go check them out on DeviantArt) Love can be the thing of dreams but also the very essence of a nightmare, when these two young teen...
  • fanfic
  • diamondtiara
  • rarijack
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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (SpikeBelle) Shipfic by destinyrays023
My Little Pony Friendship Is Sentimental Trashcan
Sweetie Belle has a crush on Spike, and she tries to deal with it. *Includes my OC Merry Bolt
  • princesscelestia
  • applebloom
  • sweetiebellexspike
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Her Emerald Eyes by _Nano_Rules_
Her Emerald Eyesby 🖤Jacquelin🖤
Um... my first story on Wattpad. So might not be great. The story is about Rainbow Dash falling in love with Aj but there is a problem. Applejack lost all her feeling ye...
  • 🏳️‍🌈
  • pride
  • equestriagirls
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My Little Pony One-Shots by SansysGirl
My Little Pony One-Shotsby PhanderGirl
Here are some One-shots from the TV series,My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. If u have any requests,PM me or comment. I hope y'all like them!
  • sweetiebelle
  • celestia
  • scootaloo
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Sweet Apple Massacre - Alternate Ending by Sheaisawesome666
Sweet Apple Massacre - Alternate LilacSky
I wanted to save the CMC from the antagonist of the dreaded Sweet Apple Massacre, so here is an alternate ending. If you haven't watched Sweet Apple Massacre, please go...
  • creepypasta
  • rainbowdash
  • grimdark
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The Secret's of Fluttershy (On Hold) by Scarlett_Ink
The Secret's of Fluttershy (On #MarchForOurLives
When Scootaloo goes missing, and Fluttershy starts acting weird, Rainbow Dash begins to think two of her closest friends will be lost forever. (This story has oc's that...
  • mlp
  • luna
  • rainbowdash
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button mom in diaper by mrchai05
button mom in diaperby Mechai the racer
diaper mom
  • sweetiebelle
  • twilight
  • diaper
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AU MLP& AU MLP Equestria Girls X Reader by AnimeWolf235
AU MLP& AU MLP Equestria Girls X AnimeWolf235
This is a girl X girl story which contains mild language, gore and sexual themes. {Viewer discretion advised}
  • mlp
  • scootaloo
  • sunnyflare
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ScootaBelle: fine, fresh, and raw by talezofasadboi
ScootaBelle: fine, fresh, and rawby nosracenaik
This is a scootabelle fanfic.
  • mlp
  • applebloom
  • scootaloo
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a PUNtastic pair (a scootaloo x sans fanfiction) by scootalooXsans
a PUNtastic pair (a scootaloo x scootalooXsans
scootaloo was looking for her mom as her sister done the same, she never really wanted to but she did it for apple bloom and swwetie bell, she came across a mountan that...
  • mlp
  • scootaloolovessans
  • scootaloo
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The Lesson Of Laughter by TickleMaster2008
The Lesson Of Laughterby TickleMaster2008
hey guys. this is a fanfic of rainbow dash tickling scootaloo for making bad grades. she ties her up and tickles her with school equipment after school. I hope you enjoy...
  • mylittlepony
  • tickling
  • mlp
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Crash Landing by WillowMorgan
Crash Landingby Seabass
Part 9
  • rarity
  • twilightsparkle
  • flutterdash
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