The Young Mate by acussed
The Young Mate by ally&ana
In which the moon goddess plays a trick on the most cynical alpha. He doesn't believe in mates. He doesn't believe in fate. He believes in death and war. She's fifteen...
  • werewolf
  • mate
  • cruel
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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman by Possesive69
Space and Rebirth: The Favored Gen... by DeathlyDUOS
In her past life, she had no one to rely on and died alone in jail. But now, she has been reborn, given a second chance. Got an heirloom. Activated a mystical Space Dime...
  • ruthlessprotagonist
  • cunningprotagonist
  • magicalspace
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The Wallflower's Revenge [PUBLISHED] by sweetblunch
The Wallflower's Revenge [PUBLISHE... by sweetblunch
***Published under Pop Fiction*** “I will come back for my revenge.” Those were the words Tatiana Rostova promised herself as she fought for her life in the sea on a col...
  • tatiana
  • revenge
  • duke
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Reject me, now forget about me by ScarHunt2017
Reject me, now forget about me by Scar Hunt
"Soooooo... who's pack do I have to train?" I asked both Eli and Jeremy. Eli slithered his arm around my waist and said "Bloodmoon." I staggered away...
  • regret
  • revenge
  • badass
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Player vs. Player (in current edit) by ChiChi123
Player vs. Player (in current edit) by Please, call me Bobert
At age 16, Alex's heart was broken severely by the only boy she felt loved her. Now she's back and he left an everlasting change. She's dropped the glasses and books and...
  • coffee
  • dare
  • ex-boyfriend
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I Married My Bully by shazzyjacks123
I Married My Bully by Neya
"You scared me," he says, eyeing the gun in my hand. I smirked. "Of course I did. It's what I do best." ____________________________ Being the shell...
  • billionaire
  • selfharm
  • player
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Fake Dating the Bad Boy by YaFairyTaleEnding
Fake Dating the Bad Boy by YaFairyTaleEnding
Highest rank in teen fiction #7 Started 28th August 2016 COMPLETED 8th January 2017 Not edited Olivia Valentine wants revenge on her ex boyfriend, Aaron Black, who chea...
  • badboy
  • revenge
  • drama
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Crazy by klaroline_lover_
Crazy by Styles
Highest Ranking: #18 in short story "Please, please let me go. I beg of you!" I pleaded with the unknown voice. "Now you know I can't do that." The v...
  • lost
  • trapped
  • hate
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Broken Strings by simbaze
Broken Strings by s i m i
"Tell her you love her before it's too late." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ...
  • heartbreak
  • cheating
  • broken
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Best Friend's Revenge by ehl_kayy_writes
Best Friend's Revenge by ℓosaℓini
( A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY) Two years ago Liz Charleston made the biggest mistake in her life by giving into her need to be popular and rejecting the only guy she has e...
  • makeover
  • cheerleader
  • revenge
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My Bad Boy Protector by Zanzan112
My Bad Boy Protector by st☆rlover
"He looked at me as if I was the only star in the dark night sky. And kissed me as if I was the air that filled his lungs. I loved him like I didn't to myself. He w...
  • nerd
  • hope
  • highschool
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His Revenge by WiseLemon
His Revenge by WiseLemon
HIGHEST RANKING: #3 IN SPIRITUAL ➺ When Zaeem was a small child of seven years, his father remarried a leech of a woman and kicked him and his mother on the streets to...
  • abuse
  • marriage
  • baby
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Selfie With The Mafia  by KeepingItDespacito
Selfie With The Mafia by Avron
#3 in Romance 'Where the Ruthless killer met his Tigrotto' - "Concerned?" He laughed bitterly, reading me like a magazine. "Trust me, tigrotto. I have not...
  • wattys2017
  • humor
  • billionaire
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The New Me by sheradaniels
The New Me by Barbie
High school is supposed to be the greatest years of our lives but so far for me it's been the worst my sophomore year I had only 2 best friends one embarrassed me in fro...
  • teenagers
  • makeover
  • boys
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Possession of the Russian Mafia by TaintedExcuse
Possession of the Russian Mafia by TaintedExcuse
Sydney Barts life was hell. She had student loans, her mother's hospital bills, and debt her father left behind. How did she pay them off? She became a stripper. She sta...
  • secret
  • bwwm
  • interracial
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My Boss (BWWM) by BlackPrincesss54321
My Boss (BWWM) by BlackPrincesss54321
Amoy has just finished high school with her two best friends, but while they get very exotic jobs she finds a job as a maid in a hotel. What she doesn't know is that the...
  • interracial
  • italian
  • death
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Bad Girls | SAMPLE by twelvewonderingstars
Bad Girls | SAMPLE by aurora 🎄
**SAMPLE** NOW PUBLISHED AS PAPERBACK & EBOOK ON AMAZON. (link in bio) Admit it; we've all read at least one cliche teen fiction story before. And the story always...
  • payback
  • youngadultreads
  • karma
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Sweet Bastard by sweetdreamer33
Sweet Bastard by Neilani Alejandrino
Lisa Brooks worked as a secretary to the powerful self-made billionaire, Alessandro Russo for two years already. He hardly noticed her as a person. For him, she was a ro...
  • humor
  • revenge
  • assistant
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Her Innocent Heart   (Masoom Dil)      by BlissfullyElegant
Her Innocent Heart (Masoom Dil)... by Gul-e-mah
"Let go off me!" She yelled while wriggling in his steel grip on her arm. "Quiet!" He was dragging her into the somewhat deserted building and shoved...
  • revenge
  • kidnapped
  • ceo
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Shouldn't Have Rejected Me by __Inspire__
Shouldn't Have Rejected Me by inspired
You know how in every story, the girl gets rejected and tries to make her Alpha mate all jealous with another dude and in the end her and her Alpha mate end up together...
  • revenge
  • inspire
  • mate
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