Angels, Pop Stars, and...More Spies? Oh My! by bellav173
Angels, Pop Stars, and...More Spie... by Bella
Their relationship has been through terrorists and secrecy. What else could possibly happen? It's been six months since eighteen year old Ember Rhinehart was kidnapped a...
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The Billionaire And The B And B by rutimabe
The Billionaire And The B And B by rutimabe
The Women of Woodstock (Book 1) Jasper Jackson billionaire movie mogul and utter bastard, he didn't need to chase women, they chased him, would do anything for him to st...
  • england
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TRCA® 2017/2018 [Open] by theredcarpetawards
TRCA® 2017/2018 [Open] by TRCA®
As the year draws to a close, it's time to style! Tie your tie or zip up that gown - the show is about to begin. ▸ Quality over quantity ▸ Winners chosen...
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I May Be Famous But They Don't Know That [Being Revised] by Claudia_Lewis81
I May Be Famous But They Don't Kno... by Kait
Sam Smith can't remember the days when she was considered part of the popular crowd. With frizzy hair and bulky glasses, her only friend is the nerdy and charming Will L...
  • secret
  • actress
  • hollywood
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I Can't Let You Go Back by XxMasterfulSaraXx
I Can't Let You Go Back by Sarafina
Kaylie Jennings is an exchange student from England, ordinary human girl? Ian is the bad boy alpha of one of the most respected werewolf packs in North America. Kaylie e...
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TABLE 42 by youreinreality
TABLE 42 by youreinreality
based on Dunkirk receiving nominations for the Golden Globes It's Cori Duval's first award show and she's assigned to sit in Table 42. To her right, sits her best friend...
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by Brits_girl_101
Shawn Mendes Imagines by Brits_girl_101
Just some sweet imagines of a sweet guy
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Behind The Screens by Skittles4Mee
Behind The Screens by Angel
Picture this, your dad is Hollywood's leading director! Cool right..? Well, until then it is. Let's say, your dad asks you, his only daughter for a favour. And, let me t...
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Hearthrob by Marcela4325
Hearthrob by Marcela
Shayla Costa has had her eyes set one thing, her career. She's all work, no play, maybe a little. She finally gets her big break after a tiny mishap. Her limits are test...
  • comedy-romance
  • star
  • sebastianstan
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The Youngest Kardashian  by Maya6198
The Youngest Kardashian by Maya
Hello this is a story with two writers. Follow me at @Maya6198. ALso follow Marjorie at @Marjorie58 Cover was done by @Dammnnbieber
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Red carpet love : CD by Arty13bourchas
Red carpet love : CD by Arty13bourchas
Luna Hastings‚ Famous singer‚model and actor living it big in Hollywood but what happens when she is at a red carpet event and bumps into the one and only Cameron Dallas...
  • stassie
  • jackgilinsky
  • aaroncarpenter
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Lights, camera, Action! by jassinski2505
Lights, camera, Action! by Jasmin Holdsworth
Luke Ross son of Christina and Morgan Ross , brother to Emma, Ravi and zuri Ross. His mum and dad are famous directors and fashion designers. Siblings are off away at a...
  • moviestar
  • zuriross
  • lukeross
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Adriana by QueenChardonnay
Adriana by Elizabeth Bennet
(Mature Content) It was supposed to be a vacation I would hate and never have a memory of when I returned home, but then I met him and everything changed. I broke every...
  • event
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My Fashion Book by Alec-Lightwood-Bane
My Fashion Book by Alec Lightwood-Bane
My Fashion I Made On Polyvore Don't Steal My Looks
  • musicawards
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The 2017 Disney Awards  by Rapunzelthebrunette
The 2017 Disney Awards by Rapunzel
Welcome to the one and only Disney Awards! Here Disney Stories can enter for a chance to win a Golden Mickey! Soon when all the stories are narrowed down to the final no...
  • mickey
  • 2017
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Normal 17 Year Olds Haven't Won Three Oscars by KingAnastasia
Normal 17 Year Olds Haven't Won Th... by Lowkey In Love
Adrianna lives a life like any other teenager. She has siblings she fights with, she disagrees with her parents and she has boy troubles. See? Just like any other teenag...
  • redcarpet
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The Uno Factor by CrystalXStudios
The Uno Factor by Crys-o'-lantern🎃
Crystal Quinn was caught in the worst teenage cliche. The crisis had made her question most of her previous decisions. Though one of her resolutions turned to be out-of...
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