BEEP BEEP, SATURN!  ( rants ) by bramsgreenfeld
BEEP BEEP, SATURN! ( rants )by giddiup 🤠🤠
❛ hey there boi, it's me, ya demons! ❜ ❨ RANTS/RANDOM BOOK! cover by @moraies!
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possibly clickbait | spam by -poseidcns
possibly clickbait | spamby ❝ FALLEN ❞
❝ That's hot. ❞ { season 11 }
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Le RantBook d'une Kisekae-chan [FR] by PlayerChan
Le RantBook d'une Kisekae-chan [FR]by Player-chan
Ceci est le 2ème RANTBOOK. Etant donné que le premier a atteint les chapitres max, vous aurez la suite ici. Vous trouverez donc des annonces concernant les histoires, de...
  • playerchan
  • 2minutesdupeuple
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ICED COFFEE.  (unpopular opinions ) by JAlDYN
ICED COFFEE. (unpopular opinions )by — BABY JAI
❝ miss keisha? miss keisha? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead. ❞ © 2018, jaidyn UNPOPULAR OPINIONS BOOK STARTED...
  • unpopular
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Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy Jackson Fanfics by Chilea
Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy...by ❀Don't Worry, Chilea is Here☼
Just typical stupid things I see in PJO fanfics. [Warning: Contains satire. If you can't handle that, then don't read.] ||Cover made by @lostamongstars|| Most Accomplis...
  • cliche
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The Book Of Shameless Stuff  by SeaIdol
The Book Of Shameless Stuff by Umi Sonoda
  • zuramaru-chan
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Suck My Lollipop by lovinglexy
Suck My Lollipopby 𝓰 • 𝓰
❝Y'all can suck my lollipop.❞ // The ruination of a nonexistent reputation. // A place where I can rant and everyone judges me... Sounds like everywhere else in this mut...
  • bitch
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broadway ✭ rants by natalyaromanov
broadway ✭ rantsby natalya romanov
(my second rant book!!) - broadway - rants - and - more ✭ ✭ ✭
  • broadway
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Rants & Bants by iwearheelys
Rants & Bantsby brit
bant: shortening of the word banter (chat that is playful, intelligent and original). not to be confused with b.a.n.t. which apparently stands for big ass, no tits.
  • rantbook
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lETs noT dO pR by GottaDinahBish
lETs noT dO pRby Razzer Amber 😏
Some random ass thoughts with me! yay sounds fun !
  • positive
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  • twentyonepilots
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The Messy Book [rb] by girls-dreams
The Messy Book [rb]by n e w t
Un énième Rant Book d'une fille un peu - beaucoup - folle et légèrement psychopathe sur les bords, doté d'un diplôme professionnel de fangirl. Welcome to my world ♥
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Creepypasta Rant Book by -sylvialopez
Creepypasta Rant Bookby sylvia
In this book I'm going to basically talk about Creepypasta, such as fanfiction, characters, Mary/Gary-sues, etc. So I hope you enjoy my opinions/rants on these (some of...
  • creepypastarant
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Bi, Cry, Die «me» by squishyiman
Bi, Cry, Die «me»by •• i m a n ••
in which i'm bi, i cry, and i want to die.
  • crying
  • rantbook
  • boring
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«Rant Book by Parisienne__» by Parisienne__
«Rant Book by Parisienne__»by BAD GIRL
Tu veux t'évader ? T'es bien tombé(e) .
  • anonyme
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【sнιτв✦✦ҡーღе】 by xsmbshht
【sнιτв✦✦ҡーღе】by 엑소 엘
→ τσυτes ოes ხυllsჩιτs🌙 ーK-Pop (bah oui mon compte est un peu basé là dessus en fait hihi💕) ーtag très rare du fait que je suis mal aimée oui oui ㅠuㅠ ーdès que j'ai envi...
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Fanfic rants by PusheenLyfe
Fanfic rantsby No social life T-T
I'm gonna rant about fan fiction because I'm a mean person who likes to crush people's hopes and dreams :3
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Linear equations random thoughts by Theeffingunicorn
Linear equations random thoughtsby Camila’s Wife
Just a dumb trashy blonde fangirling over people and talking about shitty things.
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  • sexualcontent
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Problematic. by Evanaissante
Problematic.by john
Rant book from yours truly.
  • politics
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rants book by fictosexual
rants bookby trash
rants and shiz
  • random
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