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Your Destiny, Your Choice. Ever After High x reader  by zyzysunny
Your Destiny, Your Choice. Ever Af...by Charsli Delio16
Y/N Queen has come to ever after high to fufill her mothers destiny. but Raven wants her to choose a different path and do what ever her hearts desires but what if she d...
A Darise story  #EAHWattyAwards2016 by djts_stuff
A Darise story #EAHWattyAwards2016by SNACK QUEEN
The mind may forget. But heart will remember.
You Saved Me by everycartoonisgay
You Saved Meby everycartoonisgay
Apple always thought her prince charming was a man, but there's a twist...
Ever after high (ApplexDarling) by Yepsoooo
Ever after high (ApplexDarling)by Yepsoooo
A story about Apple White discovering herself and realizing that maybe, it wasn't a Prince she needed, but a princess. I hope you like it!
Ever After High One Shots #EAHWattyAwards2016WINNER by towardpages
Ever After High One Shots #EAHWatt...by Your trusty Fangirl
2016 WINNER OF THE EAHWATTYAWARDS FOR ONE SHOTS Ever After High One Shot. Many ships Highest Rankings: #1 in eahwattyawards2016 10/18/16 #1 in rapple 4/30/16 #1 in kitis...
Apple's Prince Charming by charlotte__rose
Apple's Prince Charmingby char
After Darling wakes Apple up with an enchanted kiss things are different around EAH. This is their story.
Magical Misadventures by EldritchTingz
Magical Misadventuresby Eldritch Abomination
Leon Wyllt is the son of Merlin, yup you heard me, the son of THE GREATEST WIZARD OF ALL TIME. And he attends Ever After High, together with the sons and daughters of ou...
A Charming Smile [Yandere! Daring Charming x Reader] by hunny_baby_bug
A Charming Smile [Yandere! Daring...by Liliana
UNDER REVISIONS Who knew that a simple after school program would lead to such a disaster...
My True Heart's Desire - [AN EAH FANFIC] by fndms_4_ur_fantasies
My True Heart's Desire - [AN EAH F...by Fandoms for your Fantasies
It's hard enough being a Royal in love with a Rebel... but it's even harder when that Rebel is also a girl!
Darabella by izzyshackleford
Darabellaby Bellaforthewin
After Epic Winter, a new romance sparks between Daring Charming and Rosabella Beauty. Will friendships be destroyed? Will the couple ever truly get together? Read and fi...
Ever after high// The Black Swan Prince  by MichaelCollins320
Ever after high// The Black Swan P...by Michael Collins
Midnight Black is a awkward kind boy who only really mingles with Lizzie Hearts and Raven Queen hard to believe he is destined to be the villain and destined to be the n...
The Witch from The Human Realm by everafter_fangirl
The Witch from The Human Realmby Nicole
Madeline Anderson, a girl living in her cozy home in the city of Covington in Georgia, is an outcast. Mostly due to her unusual skills. But when she comes across a por...
Once Upon A Time  by HubbyBubby14
Once Upon A Time by bubbs
Have you ever heard of the famous tales such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or even Beauty and the Beast. I bet you have, but here are the famous tales that have been m...
(COMPLETED) Ever After High: CJ Lou Agor's  EAH Edited Photos(with Some Stories) by starexterco
(COMPLETED) Ever After High: CJ Lo...by RIP, Starexterco! 💀
EAH Photo in every chapter are made by me (CJ Lou Agor) with/without short fanfictions (one-shot fanfiction). Note: My EAH photos are also posted on my Instagram (@rex...
ஐ In Forever After Issues❧ by Diary_of_MH
ஐ In Forever After Issues❧by MH
Ever After High x Male Reader By your favorite Narrator, MH. I would like to remind that I do not own any of the arts or any property I might use onto this fan fiction...
Queen of Hearts: An Ever After High Dizzie Story by MissLightningThief
Queen of Hearts: An Ever After Hig...by Lizzie B
After Lizzie Heart's fairytale first date with Daring Charming, she is unsure of what to do. Her mother would certainly never approve of her dating outside her destiny (...
(DISCONTINUED) Dexter and Raven's Rates and Opinions on EAH Ships and Couples by starexterco
(DISCONTINUED) Dexter and Raven's...by RIP, Starexterco! 💀
Dexter Charming and Raven Queen will give rate and opinion(s) each EAH couples (canon ships and crack ships). Note: I have another book title "CJ Lou Agor's Rates...
Ever After High Rants by Lexa_Skywalker
Ever After High Rantsby Lexa_Skywalker
Just a book of rants and things related to the EAH fandom. Highest Rankings: CURRENTLY: - #1 in EAH 27/02/22 PREVIOUSLY: - #1 IN EAH 27/07/20 - #7 in rants 27/07/20 - #9...
Daring And Rosabella : Destiny Rewriters by sapphire_isabel
Daring And Rosabella : Destiny Rew...by lolirocktwins
The time after Epic Winter has come, so has summer vacation. Everyone is hexcited to go home, but some are not. Daring Charming has found something out during Epic Winte...
Badwolf by zoeyswiftie13
Badwolfby Zoey
Winner of an EAH Watty Award 2017 - OC Category Cerise is not the only secret daughter of the Big Badwolf. Blaze Badwolf is back, and she's ready to reclaim her family a...