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Shallow Nightmares || My Random Book by Crushy-Jemon0162
Shallow Nightmares || My Random JemonLimon08
Well, let's say this is a book of randomness. Drawings, reference sheets, ideas, short stories that don't relate to anything, venting, and so on. But not gifts, because...
Just a spam book of headcanons, art, oneshots, and more lol.
vents by chelseaxorlando
ventsby chelsea
in which i vent about life <3
Everlasting Scars by SaltyshitmaTsukisaur
Everlasting Scarsby mars
This is a depressed Deku story so please be mindful of the following warnings: Ⓦⓐⓡⓝⓘⓝⓖⓢ: • Bullying • Suicide/ suicidal thoughts • Multiple methods of self harm • Cursi...
Vent Book, for you.  by Crazy_Japan
Vent Book, for you. by ~Japan~
this is just where you get to vent, and I just try to help out. I will post something, almost everyday, to help everyone. just something that is inspiring. :) Emotional...
Vent Book/Rants TW: suicide, self-harm, topics like that. by Big_Bug_Man
Vent Book/Rants TW: suicide, 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚕𝚢 𝙱𝚞𝚐
this is just a vent book, where i post vents and rants, you dont have to read if you dont want to. (:
My Vent Book by Fuggernugger
My Vent Bookby Incel Of The Year
Oh hey uhhhh awhile ago my online friend (not anymore uwu) told me to make a vent book sooooo enjoy so i feel better about myself because i dont wanna rant to my friends...
vent book by KaiSandersCREEP
vent bookby MorsProxy
it's sad T.W now this book includes, cutting, suicide, mental hospitals. and all that stuff.
My Vent Book by classytubbo
My Vent Bookby Niki Nihachu 🎀
Hi I'm Addison! My pronouns are she/they. ( not that anyone really cares:/ ) I have been going through a lot, and a lot has been going through my mind.. So I decided th...
Vent Book  by _JayyxJaeger_
Vent Book by ew
jus cuz im problematic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Vent book by oceaneyes_137
Where I posting all my vent arts here.
Everything Wrong With Me by 0liver_th3_idi0t
Everything Wrong With Meby Axel
This is literally a vent book, I don't know what else there is to say.
👑× vent ×👑 by Bootsectorinfector
👑× vent ×👑by bootsectorinfector
just some vents,,.,. i need to vent to actual people.., i hope you'll listen to my rambling about my life.,
Vent book by CheeseCake490
Vent bookby I love you 3000
all my feelings stuffed in a book