Girls [ WATTYS 2016 ] ✔️ by granolabel
Girls [ WATTYS 2016 ] ✔️ by bel Teen Fiction
[ Featured on Wattpad's Official LGBT+ account! ] Ashley James has tried to hide in the closet for months when she mistakingly kissed her best friend at a party - and t...
Mr. Lone Boy /BoyxBoy/ by DancesWithTheDevil
Mr. Lone Boy /BoyxBoy/ by koko General Fiction
"You can't like him, you just can't!" "I know. It's wrong, but it's how I feel and I can't freaking control that." We've all heard the phrase 'The he...
Prinxiety oneshots  by hannahadams1000
Prinxiety oneshots by Hannah of FairyTail Fanfiction
It may be weird to ship people who are essentially entities of the same person, but I don't really care! Enjoy, and feel free to leave advice/opinions/requests
Stay by DaVinci08
Stay by DaVinci08 Fanfiction
Naniniwala ka ba sa tadhana? Eh sa second chance? Pano kung may chance ka ng magmove-on. Pero bumalik siya. Anong pipiliin mo? Ang chance na magmove-on ka at kalimutan n...
why,ngano,bakit?(boyxboy) by Angeltearsblood
why,ngano,bakit?(boyxboy) by Angeltearsblood Romance
Yung feeling na ikaw ang binayad utang ng pamilya mo !!!goooshh sa isang lalaking ubod ng gwapo mayaman sweet at cute Pero dahil sa nakaraan nya magkakahiwalay kayo Pe...
 All in my Head (Girl x Girl) by pretty_fucking_DOPE
All in my Head (Girl x Girl) by ~ DOPE ~ Romance
(NOT EDITED) Falling in love is the easy part. But what happens when you fall in love with your best friend. Are the feelings mutual or is your head just playing games...
church boys • tracob ✓ by meIodramas
church boys • tracob ✓ by ! Fanfiction
there's this boy in my youth group.
ICE QUEEN (Lesbian Stories) by WriteMyHeartForYou
ICE QUEEN (Lesbian Stories) by Akee ChickLit
Boy x boy one-shots  by amazingnerd35
Boy x boy one-shots by Oli 🖤 Romance
One- shots about gay couples, mostly fluff (no angst or smut) [Don't like, don't read] Thanks for reading :) sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.
La chica del bar by _sofiagallardo_
La chica del bar by Sofía Gallardo Z. Romance
Mel, una chica de 18 años, empieza a trabajar en un bar con libre acceso a wifi, lo que significaba servir café a personas cuyo alma se encontraba encerrada en el interi...
The Story Of Us 2 (CAMREN)  by capteyyncamren
The Story Of Us 2 (CAMREN) by capteyyncamren Fanfiction
"...and then, everything was a restart,"
Wayhaught: An unlikely Love story by TRAVLYN_4_LYFE
Wayhaught: An unlikely Love story by Sheriff Nicole Fanfiction
Well I have thought long and hard on this but I am going to write a Wayhaught story. For those of you who don't know who or what Wayhaught is it is a ship from a TV show...
Devoted Girlfriend (girlxgirl) by infinix9
Devoted Girlfriend (girlxgirl) by infinix9 Romance
Rain and Kai had a fall out and aren't talking to each other. A new girl joins the school and takes an interest in Rain. What happens when Kai finds out they like each o...
Under the City Lights (GirlxGirl) by thejournaljunkie
Under the City Lights (GirlxGirl) by S. J. Wolf Teen Fiction
Things can go wrong more easily than they can go right, but sometimes it is in the midst of misfortunes we discover certain realizations, create new relationships, and h...
Unexpected Love by Chameleons4life
Unexpected Love by Chameleons4life Romance
Sophia Brooks is an ordinary girl. She has her friends and life planned out. When she goes to college she is taken back that the college put a boy as her roommate, Carte...
She's MARRIED (gxg) by ronschavez
She's MARRIED (gxg) by Roni17 Romance
Love at first sight o Love at second sight? hindi na importante yun dahil kahit ilang beses man kayong magkita kung tumibok ang puso mo sa kanya ay wala kanang magagawa...
Silverwings Academy (Tagalog GxG) by Jasheyy15
Silverwings Academy (Tagalog GxG) by Jasheyy Gee Fanfiction
[HR:#164 in Fanfiction]<3 Isang prinsesa ang bubuo sa dalawang makapangyarihang nilalang na maghahari sa susunod na henerasyon. Kung iisipin lang na babae ang bubuo s...
Soulmates by Demure_Amethyst
Soulmates by Demure_Amethyst Teen Fiction
BOYXBOY: Don't like? Don't read. Because it's everywhere honey. At birth, everyone was born with a specific tattoo on their left or right wrist. Their soulmate's nam...
My Bestfriends Brother (Joerick) by _LarryAndCake_
My Bestfriends Brother (Joerick) by E💕 Fanfiction
So my name is Erick Brian Colon. I'm currently 16 and I'm also Cuban. So basically what happened was that I fell in love with my brothers Bestfriend... Yeah I know wtf b...
Vanilla by womanizerr_
Vanilla by hiroshi Romance
Jacqueline Johansson or Jac always described as an ice queen; she is an English teacher who has straight face and according to Reese, her student that having a big crush...