Didn't Expect by valentina_yea
Didn't Expect by valentina
I don't remember much after I blacked out, my head was throbbing. I tried to move my hands to the back of my head, to feel any blood from the hard hit, but my hands were...
  • boy
  • secrets
  • romance
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The Breeder's Daughter by icedancer12
The Breeder's Daughter by icedancer12
"After tonight, you will share the hut with the partner's chosen for you. As graduates of a breeding institution you are required to provide the Republic of the Uni...
  • teen
  • justwriteit
  • humour
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Perfect Illusion by claudiaoverhere
Perfect Illusion by ♛ Queen Claudia ♛
Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire's son. He's got the whole package: blonde hair, piercing blue eyes.. killer lips. He's absolutely swoon-worthy. ...
  • friendship
  • newest
  • justwriteit
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365 Days by itssaliicee
365 Days by 『ALICE. T』
❝I've never hated anyone like I hate you.❞ A story in which, a girl watches a boy she is in love with steal her heart as he walks away; leaving her broken and alone. al...
  • suicide
  • badboy
  • shortstory
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So Actually, I'm Not Okay by izzywriter
So Actually, I'm Not Okay by All Who Wander
Sixteen-year-old Sage Greene was locked in a maximum-security asylum for the criminally insane after murdering nearly 200 civilians. It isn't her, though - it's the voic...
  • alien
  • criminallyinsane
  • asylum
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The Life We Had |BxB| by Dollygrand
The Life We Had |BxB| by Dolly Grand
It was supposed to be a simple project. The new kid ends up being partners with the most popular jock in the school for the biology project. It is not easy to be friends...
  • mxm
  • malexmale
  • geek
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You Belong With Me! by CutieAditi
You Belong With Me! by A.D.I.T.I
**No. 1 in FanFiction 21 December 2017** Nandini Kapoor a sweet bubbly girl gets a job in the top most company of the world where she comes across Manik Malhotra , a rud...
  • manan
  • nandini
  • nititaylor
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He Saved Me (Editing) by itsAe7
He Saved Me (Editing) by Curlyhead Nation
Arely Davidson is a freshman in high school. She has a younger brother, Nathan who is 12 and lives with his mom. Arely's parents split up when she was 2 and when her bro...
  • justwriteit
  • wattys2017
  • romance
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He was MINE by rdritwika
He was MINE by rdritwika
"Marrying you was pure business . You were nothing but a pawn to me".He said , without any tress of emotion on his face. "...... Leaving you is my decisi...
  • backstabber
  • jerk
  • anger
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You & I  [✓] by forgottenwords928
You & I [✓] by | evanka |
❝You can't throw a girl the wrong signal and expect her to not follow.❞ 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. An hour and a half, things can change. And Zara never imagined fallin...
  • saddness
  • shortystory
  • our
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The Kings Personal Joker (boyxboy) by BigNeptune
The Kings Personal Joker (boyxboy) by Chubby and Blue
Demosthenes is the king. Along with being the king comes a responsibility, a palace, a kingdom and an ego the size of of it all put together. It takes more than a mirac...
  • dominant
  • controlling
  • love
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Superhero Crash Course by denareez
Superhero Crash Course by I D A
Highest: #2 in adventure "My second question is what should my name be?" I raised my brows. "What? You don't have one yet?" He chuckled...
  • ice
  • mystery
  • superhero
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Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story) by CrystalScherer
Looking To Belong (A Runt's Story) by Crystal Scherer
Jade's pack was killed when she was twelve, making her a rogue by default. She approached numerous packs in hopes of joining them, but was turned away each time. With no...
  • thefloraawards2017
  • werewolf
  • rogue
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From Condos to the Streets: The Trilogy by rinaaaology
From Condos to the Streets: The Tr... by Rin
They've been together since teenagers. They went through happiness and hardships, killings and births, Drama and everything you could possibly imagine. They showed us th...
  • richthekid
  • nlmb
  • lil
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New Life Online: Battle Against The Strongest Book I by scythus
New Life Online: Battle Against Th... by Aries Kim
Aries and his parents got involved in an accident, and he fell into a coma but his parents didn't survive. After three years, he awoke from it. New Life Online was intr...
  • virtualreality
  • survival
  • manga
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The Asylum On Chestnut Street by shayxb
The Asylum On Chestnut Street by shay
An adventurous girl on a pink bicycle meets a tall blonde boy on Chestnut Street. Right in front of the old burnt-down mental hospital. What can go wrong?
  • shortstory
  • fright
  • asylum
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Bittersweet by AustenSnowWrites
Bittersweet by Austen Richelle Snow
Katy Thomas is best known for her booming bakery shop, Katy Cakes, that has desserts as sweet as she. Her new neighbor, Gage Rivers, is best known for being bitter and c...
  • florida
  • humor
  • neighbors
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Secrets and Lies | ✔️ by Monrosey
Secrets and Lies | ✔️ by DS Jamison
Just when she thought she was safe . . . Now that she has a loving, devoted family by her side, Talia Wilson finally feels happy and secure. What she doesn't realize is...
  • crime
  • everglades
  • lies
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The Elahim Brothers  by TwistedApology
The Elahim Brothers by TwistedApology
Rank #3 in Spiritual ! "This should be published" -mesmerizinglove "An invaluable,compassionate and...
  • hot
  • drama
  • romance
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Blurred Souls(#Wattys2017)(#Savealife)(#Nomorebullying)(On Radish) by Deethewriter
Blurred Souls(#Wattys2017)(#Saveal... by H a d e e l
{ #1 in teenfiction and featured on What's hot list Previously entitled as I Am His PunchingBag} "Fake happiness is the worse sadness." * She's got the eyes o...
  • featured
  • wattys2017
  • wattys2016
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