Books are my drug. And It's my dream that one day I'll create a book series that is so addicting, you can't put down the books for anything. You'll stay up until 2 am on a school night reading. A book series that you'd stand outside a book store for hours waiting until you can feel that book in your hands. And when you take that book home, you finish it in a day and have to wait another year until another comes out. I want people to cry over my character deaths. I want them to laugh and cry with the characters i create. I want them to think about them every time someone says something that has anything to do with my books. 

And yet, every time I compare myself to J.K. Rowling... to Rick Riordan... to Veronica Roth. And I sigh and shut my writing book and think... I'll never me as good as them. They created worlds I want to live in and my heart twists a little as I think of the worlds they have created.

I am nothing but a struggling child author... but I'm not giving up until I've been denied by every editor or publisher in the country. And even then... I'll find a way.
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Holy crap, guys, I haven’t updated since November lol, biggest apologies! Look for an update in like 10 days or something, I’ll use this as a break in between midterms lol
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