All About Revenge (#1) [NOT EDITED]

All About Revenge (#1) [NOT EDITED]

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Book #1 


He finally answered the phone after the third ring. " You wanted to destroy me right ? Don't worry i'll do it for you, i wont disappoint you on that anymore. " 

I could hear car horn voices beside him .. I could hear the harsh sound of the thunder followed by heavy raining... I could hear his heavy breathing and the sound of wheels when he make sharp turnings.. But all this didn't matter because what he said made my heart pound harder.

"Ashton ! What are you saying ? " I asked in alarm.

"Please come back i beg you i can explain please just come back and we can talk this through i can explain... " 

"SHUT UP KATHERINE !" His voice was so harsh , it was raging with anger making me more afraid. 

But what concerned me more was his loud breath , it was obvious he is stumbling in breathing normally.

"It was too good to be true i knew thi...." And with this his voice disappeared and all what i was able to hear , a crashing voice , a scream , cries,.. 

I couldn't concentrate after that , i couldn't stay on my feet anymore , the thought alone driving me crazy. 

Black dots swarmed my vision as my whole body felt light and everything went black after.. 


Meet Katherine , she lost her fiancé , the only man she really loved ,she lost her unborn child all because of that car accident , it took her more than a year to be able to stand again and face the world ,but what happens when she discovers that it wasn't just an accident , that it was a planned murder !?

She will do her best to let him pay the price , she will make him suffer , she will destroy him just like he destroyed the only good thing in her life , she will do anything because it is 
"All About Revenge !" 
Read  to know more about Katherine's story.

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