Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition IV by KellyAnneBlount
Wattpad Block Party - Winter Editi... by Kelly Anne Blount
Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition IV! Round SEVEN of this popular event is coming your way the entire month of February 2018 and it's going to be epic...
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Beating You by Lilohorse
Beating You by Kate
If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mother's deat...
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The Guy Named Harrison: Book One by hanorgana
The Guy Named Harrison: Book One by Han Organa
Carolina Panthers superstar Harrison Ford meets NFL sportswriter Carrie Fisher during media day. Unknown to Carrie, Harrison secretly likes her. He isn't sure she likes...
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Famous - Jinkook by DiscordInParadise
Famous - Jinkook by glow
Being one of the most famous people in the world is not easy for Kim Seokjin, but he loves every minute of it. As a famous actor in a small world, his other celebrity f...
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"Football is a Man's Sport" My Derriere. by hobbity0923
"Football is a Man's Sport" My Der... by Gracie
Elizabeth Kane's life is pretty normal. School, parents, annoying siblings, you name it. But after a life changing accident that her older brother, Gabriel, goes through...
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Best Wattpad Books by alivoom
Best Wattpad Books by Ally<3
A book filled with good book suggestions, reviews, book statuses and their authors, and maybe even some interviews! Keep reading if you want some book suggestions or ran...
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The Open Novella Contest- Interviews by CoffeeCommunity
The Open Novella Contest- Intervie... by Coffee Community
The official ONC book for exclusive interviews and advice from Wattys winners, Wattpad Stars, Ambassadors and various upcoming authors.
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The Open Novella Contest by ParanormalCommunity
The Open Novella Contest by Paranormal and Supernatural
The contest of long word counts and BIG prizes! In association with: Adventure Action DangerousLove Fanfic Fantasy Fright HighFantasy HistoricalFiction Mystery MythandL...
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Noodles After Midnight (A Wattpad Radio) by sall_hwa
Noodles After Midnight (A Wattpad... by Sally 황
A collection of music and short little tales for any Noodler to enjoy~ (Best experienced with headphones and a bowl of warm noodles!) *Highest rank: #411 in Random!
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One's Trash, Another's Treasure by BeetleBugMomma
One's Trash, Another's Treasure by Lana
At 22 years old, Kyleigh Anne Nelson-Monroe has been married for 5 years to her childhood sweetheart, Alexander Franklin Monroe. One day out of the blue, Alex informs Ky...
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IMAGINES + PREFERENCES ▹ F. W by madmaxine-
beep beep richie ✋ an imagines book of finn wolfhard requests open 2017 | @madmaxine-
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Pokémon Book Reviews by GottaReadEmAllClub
Pokémon Book Reviews by Pokémon Gotta Read Em All Club
Are you a fan of books? Are you a fan of Pokémon? Well then, you've come to the right place! In this book club, we will devote every review and advertisement purely to P...
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Undiscovered Facts by suzainqureshi8
Undiscovered Facts by Suzain Qureshi
Here you will find about your favorite writers so if you wanted to know some interesting things about them peep in and read....
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A Barefooter's Interviews by BarefootPoetAdvocate
A Barefooter's Interviews by "Ling"
Did you know it is legal to be barefoot in public stores and businesses? The purpose of this book is to interview people who love going barefoot on why they love going b...
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The Art of Learning to Breathe by ThatDreamChaser
The Art of Learning to Breathe by Dream Chaser
Adelaine Colbert, a seventeen-year-old college dropout, family failure and socially awkward. After dropping out of college and destroying her parents' dreams and ambitio...
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Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson) by BelWatson
Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson) by Bel Watson
{completed} ✓ - He lost the woman he once loved due to his fame, since then he promised he would never do such a thing to a normal girl again. He would never ruin anothe...
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There's A Reason - A Larry Stylinson Love Story by in_L_O_V_E
There's A Reason - A Larry Stylins... by Kaitlyn James
Harry Styles has the perfect life. He's a part of international superstar band One Direction, and he has four amazing best friends: Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis. Louis T...
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*Editing* Hating on my Co-Star (Raura Fanfiction) by TheRauraParadise
*Editing* Hating on my Co-Star (Ra... by TheRauraParadise
She had a dream, so she fought for it and made it come true. What she didn't know was that with the dream, her biggest problem came along. Or probably just something s...
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The Ultimate Sacrifice (The 107th Hunger Games) [Fan Fiction] by arrow_to_the_heart
The Ultimate Sacrifice (The 107th... by prim/sammy/miss barnes
It's been decades since the second rebellion. The Games continue, the Capitol has a new president. Ever since I can remember, my father convinced me to train for the Hun...
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Les dreamlies [Hiver 2017-2018) by dreamlyyy
Les dreamlies [Hiver 2017-2018) by Dreamly
Vous en avez marre des concours qui récompensent toujours les mêmes histoires ? Vous en avez marre de tomber sur des concours dont les inscriptions sont fermées ? Vous v...
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