It all Started on Instagram || H.S x S.G by beth5299
It all Started on Instagram || H.S... by beth Fanfiction
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Living as Cinderella by trackrunner14
Living as Cinderella by trackrunner14 Teen Fiction
Hi my name is Faith Leah Lee I was named that because of my parents endless faith in me. My parents died in a plane crash, leaving me to live with my aunt and her twin...
Beating You by Lilohorse
Beating You by Kate Teen Fiction
If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mother's deat...
Wattpad Interviews  by howto_
Wattpad Interviews by e l l a Random
Wouldn't you love to find out where your favourite Wattpad writer's motivation comes from? Or why they started writing in the first place? Hopefully, I'll be interviewi...
Interviews Of The Winners by IEscapist
Interviews Of The Winners by Kounj Random
"A writer is by nature a Dreamer - a conscious dreamer." Ever want to know more about an author? Well, read inside to get to know the great authors behin...
Meet the writers of OMP and see what they're working on. *Updates Monday and Thursday*
Friends with Benefits? by lucia23
The Open Novella Contest by ParanormalCommunity
The Open Novella Contest by Paranormal and Supernatural Random
The contest of long word counts and BIG prizes! In association with: Adventure Action DangerousLove Fanfic Fantasy Fright HighFantasy HistoricalFiction Mystery MythandL...
Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson) by BelWatson
Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson) by Bel Watson Fanfiction
{completed} ✓ - He lost the woman he once loved due to his fame, since then he promised he would never do such a thing to a normal girl again. He would never ruin anothe...
Shatter for You by LoveEpicLove
Shatter for You by Elle Fielding General Fiction
What's a girl supposed to do when her enemy moves in next door? Not fall for him, that's for sure! Caught up in a scandal that has the potential to destroy everything sh...
Offenders by MP13Girl
Offenders by McKenna Romance
The members of Team VAKAD of the Defensive Affairs Unit are completely opposite of each other, and it took them quite a while to finally get along. There's Aiden, the eg...
An Interview by bellasonline
An Interview by Ada Light Short Story
‘It was another one of the interview he had to do; but was it just another one, where he had to answer about his life or was the interview going to be the answer for his...
The Open Novella Contest- Interviews by CoffeeCommunity
The Open Novella Contest- Intervie... by Coffee Community Random
The official ONC book for exclusive interviews and advice from Wattys winners, Wattpad Stars, Ambassadors and various upcoming authors.
Le Monde de Wattpad [Tome 2] by LesFillesQuiLisent
Le Monde de Wattpad [Tome 2] by Le Monde de Wattpad Random
Le Youtube de l'écriture vous ouvre ses portes : page blanche ? Manque d'imagination ? Impasse ? Problèmes de syntaxes ? Nous sommes là pour vous ! Les filles qui lisent...
The Guy Named Harrison: Book One by hanorgana
The Guy Named Harrison: Book One by Han Organa Romance
Carolina Panthers superstar Harrison Ford meets NFL sportswriter Carrie Fisher during media day. Unknown to Carrie, Harrison secretly likes her. He isn't sure she likes...
Switched by mamie1990
Switched by mamie1990 Humor
Melinda and Avery have been enemies since freshman year, because Mel turned Avery down. There hell bent on making life for each other misserable, so what happens when th...
One's Trash, Another's Treasure by BeetleBugMomma
One's Trash, Another's Treasure by Lana Romance
At 22 years old, Kyleigh Anne Nelson-Monroe has been married for 5 years to her childhood sweetheart, Alexander Franklin Monroe. One day out of the blue, Alex informs Ky...
The Ultimate Sacrifice (The 107th Hunger Games) [Fan Fiction] by arrow_to_the_heart
The Ultimate Sacrifice (The 107th... by prim/sammy/miss barnes Fanfiction
It's been decades since the second rebellion. The Games continue, the Capitol has a new president. Ever since I can remember, my father convinced me to train for the Hun...
Books On BTS by ArmyBtsCommunity
Books On BTS by ArmyBtsCommunity Non-Fiction
This where you get to discover the best BTS Fanfiction Writers. We will be for a small interview with, of course some details about their book. And if you are an undisco...
Rivals (boyxboy) by ijakegirl
Rivals (boyxboy) by Diane Bennett Teen Fiction
[MAJOR REWRITE IN THE FUTURE!] It all started in eighth grade when Chris Slator beat Max Henderson at the school entry exam. Ever since, Max has planned to steal Chris'...