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Cry Until You Bleed by writerbug44
Cry Until You Bleedby Madeline
This is not a ‘boy saves the girl’ type of story. This is anything but that. No boy can save a girl like Ana Shaw. She is saveless. Ana Shaw has had a rough three years...
Where is Paradise? | ✏️ by jazzydodger
Where is Paradise? | ✏️by ꧁𝓳𝓪𝔃𝔃𝔂꧂
Newt finds himself in a strange forest, one where trees have leaves as green as the grass in the glade, one where he lays on a huge tree stump while animals scatter arou...
Fire emblem: One shots by Midnight-Madness13
Fire emblem: One shotsby J.R.Angelie
Just as the tittle implies, a collection of one chapter stories involving the reader(if desired) and the characters from fire emblem. You can request anything as long as...
Incompatible by Jace-Bludlust
Incompatibleby Jace
Reverse AU (Conner Anderson x Android Reader) Update Schedule: Sundays & Wednesdays Exception: First release of story and when the actions haven't been decided
Teen Runner | Stiles + Newt by daisybabydaddy
Teen Runner | Stiles + Newtby daisy
Gdzie Newt jest betą we wrogim stadzie, a Stiles się w nim zakochuje.
No Surprises (Multiship) [Discontinued] by vixienity
No Surprises (Multiship) [ No longer posting
DISCONTINUED APOLOGIZES FOR INCONVINIENCE CAUSED The plot and title of this story is inspired by Radiohead's Song "No Surprises" ...
SecretProject:Skyfall by thechronos
SecretProject:Skyfallby thechronos
Un dia Niles Kawori, que vivía tranquilamente en un Japón del 2030, experimentaría un extraño suceso que le cambiaría la vida. Ahora perdido en un lejano futuro, conocer...
The Nanny: Niles l.s. // The Butler's Rival by cakecoven
The Nanny: Niles l.s. // The cakecoven
Niles falls in love with a young heiress that arrives on the Sheffield's doorstep. 90's settings The Nanny sitcom
TEᔕTEᗪ  by ErrorCode707_
TEᔕTEᗪ by Ray Ray
some tubbies are in a lab so they could be tested on (yeah its gonna have oc's and all of the slendytubbie characters and its gonna have ships) some get mutated from bei...
home is where the heart is by MarieHatKeineLust
home is where the heart isby Sabrina Weigt
crossover between tmr and tw stiles got kidnapped after the nogitsun disaster and was actually befor he was missing in a good state again Now months after he got back ne...
The Forbidden Tease (Niles x Corrin yaoi) *lemon* by Niles1323
The Forbidden Tease (Niles x Niles1323
Basically a hardcore Niles x Corrin Yaoi Lemon
The Ultimate Outlaw by DavisLeo
The Ultimate Outlawby Rowan
Something goes VERY wrong during one of Odin's spells causing Niles to be thrust into the world of DanganRonpa. Here, Niles must survive the Killing Game with all the Ul...
A new life (niles) noo noo x miles (Canceled) by crazyocshipper
A new life (niles) noo noo x Vanilla Bomb = <3
the LOTH story but focusing on Miles and noo noo. miles has been some what reformed and is starting a completely new life now. let's see how it goes Cover art by emzzle!
Degrassi anchor beach by JulieSciarrillojacks
Degrassi anchor beachby Julie Sciarrillo-jackson
Tristan is dating Jude while Miles is dating Noah.
actor // niles&daphne oneshot by thecathamrick
actor // niles&daphne oneshotby Cat Hamrick
Just a thing I wrote literally a year ago that may be good Based on the show "Frasier"
The Last Dragoness (On Hold) by Reighlen
The Last Dragoness (On Hold)by Rei
Rosalie was only six when the man with the orb gave her the mark. She didn't know what it meant then, but her brother and father did. Ten years later Rosalie's marks ar...
My Love by gilmoreforever4
My Loveby Samantha
Niles and Daphne...what else is there to know? The two have perfect chemistry and go together like peanut butter and jelly. This story involves Daphne and Niles after th...
Loving a Werewolf: Thiam,Scott/issac/Jackson,Newtmas/Niles by MelodySmith411
Loving a Werewolf: Thiam,Scott/ Melody Smith
Theo is a small abused omega that is feminine,he gets bullied by Hayden and abused by his boyfriend Dalton. What happens when he meets Liam. Liam is a tall muscular bad...
Fire Emblem Requests (Three Houses, Fates, Echoes, Awakening, Heroes, Warriors) by OrcaWolfzzz
Fire Emblem Requests (Three OrcaWolf
This Is Full Of Requests That Have No Relation With Eachother. You can request me on any platform that I'm on including Wattpad. I prefer to do requests for Fates, Awak...
The Nanny Sitcom Fanfic? by loverofsitcoms
The Nanny Sitcom Fanfic?by loverofsitcoms
If I wrote a book about The Nanny tv show, would anybody read it?