WICKED BOY (BoyxBoy) by mythmouth
WICKED BOY (BoyxBoy) by mythmouth
I met Lucas when I was eight. He was taller, tougher-- with a light in his eyes that said he could do anything, be anything that he wanted to be. I'd instantly taken a l...
  • bxb
  • friendstolovers
  • lgbt
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Blame Game by camisha_neverscared
Blame Game by Camisha
Deandre Thomas, a man that every woman wanted but he was taken and happily married by Nia, Chyanne and Tracy Thomas which he loved. Not knowing each other, these three w...
  • highclass
  • ghetto
  • lies
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The Bad Boy's Cinderella  by pastellgirll
The Bad Boy's Cinderella by ⚡️ K A Y L A ⚡️
Yin & Yang Sun & Moon Hot & Cold Black & White Good & Bad They were polar opposites, but opposites attract after all. *** "Rylee..I think I might be in love with...
  • highschool
  • love
  • highclass
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" I don't even know how I ended up in France. Rich people are fun, but our life's kind of suck, too..." Cecilia Scott has loved a lot of guys. they've loved he...
  • highclass
  • swirl
  • biracial
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Opulent Glory by -hexed
Opulent Glory by @#$%&!
MADELINE LOCKHART Read it. Say it. Chant it. Remember it. ♛ ♛ ♛ FULL SYNOPSIS INSIDE cover credits to the wonderful @Birdcrowns ♛ ♛ ♛ REGULAR UPDATES start date; 28/17-?
  • opulence
  • royal
  • hierarchy
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Mr Bebo, My High Class Lover! by Whitey_15
Mr Bebo, My High Class Lover! by Whitey
Siapa kata hanya gadis cantik dan kaya sahaja menjadi pilihan si lelaki idaman? Noor Safreen adalah seorang gadis yang sangat biasa. Dia mempunyai kisah hitamnya sendi...
  • highclass
  • matured
  • cheesy
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Gue tau lo semua pada pernah ngerasaain geng gengan di sekolah . Disini gue mau ceritain kisah gue DINARA MEISYA gadis yang katanya highclass padahal bawa duit kesekolah...
  • highclass
  • kekel
  • geng
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Girl Wanted by dylansprayberryxx
Girl Wanted by Reem Dunbar
People say that growing up is the biggest change you can go through. We all discover many things, like who our true friends are, the challenges we need to face, and main...
  • rich
  • forcedmarriage
  • marriage
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Dirty Mind by Mroace
Dirty Mind by Bloodstella
A world where angels sin, demons turned into pets, slaves legal and money runs through veins. lillith and her older brother Zelos are known as demons, the lowest class y...
  • angelsanddemons
  • sex-slave
  • celestial
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Prodigiously as Sweet ❦ by xfroovenx
Prodigiously as Sweet ❦ by xXMissTxX
I was born into a family line that I had no control over, a family line of witches, no, a family line filled with the most powerful witches. But of course, I had to have...
  • magic
  • familyline
  • supernatural
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Alexander Hamilton's Curse by oneshootingstar
Alexander Hamilton's Curse by shootingstars
"If I ever had to thank someone, that would be Alexander Hamilton and his fucked up curse, because without it, I wouldn't have the person I deeply adore today stand...
  • idk
  • alexanderhamilton
  • romance
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Belinda by _ultra_vi0lett
Belinda by _ultra_vi0lett
Belinda Reyes. She has mountains of paperwork on her desk, a conniving snake in her midst, and a blooming romance with a sweet guy. All in a day's work of being a bada...
  • society
  • office
  • power
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Vampire Gladiators: Battle of Brothers by Blur_Fictions_
Vampire Gladiators: Battle of Brot... by 🐺WolfPrince🐺
Ambrose the youngest son of a retired Emperor and Twin brother of the new reigning Emperor his brother Orpheus. Ambrose Finds himself after a life time of being the rig...
  • romance
  • rivalry
  • pureblood
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Mr money in the bank by bitch_Cannon
Mr money in the bank by RussellA
"You are such an Asshole, you know that? " She barked at him,as she struggled to break free from the chains that were used to tie her hands to the bed. "D...
  • finnbalor
  • wwe
  • highclass
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Rose Is Back With Thorns by Chocolatetheflavour
Rose Is Back With Thorns by Ngoiri Irungu
"You know I prefer to have you in a soft bed carpeted with pretty rose petals like you right?" The ugly duckling maid of the Sylvester's estate; Rose Mayor who...
  • distillers
  • past
  • lovers
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The Fan Girl by shaitanikhopdi
The Fan Girl by Eesh
She loved a boy he didn't know but she couldn't just let him go she screamed his name he didnt hear She tried again Once every year She cried once more as he stood and...
  • eeshal
  • sheheryaarasif
  • alizafar
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Wala Kayo Sa Asawa Ko! by barbielia143
Wala Kayo Sa Asawa Ko! by barbielia143
Mareince Black Caster....a cool name isn't...for a girl..but her work is more cool... Do you believe in SECRET AGENTS? well,they are real...coz Mareince is one of them...
  • superj
  • action
  • black
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