The Mermaid Hypothesis (2016 Watty Award Winner) by adam_and_jane
The Mermaid Hypothesis (2016 Watty... by A.V. Geiger Science Fiction
In the year 2020, the music industry is dead. A new technology called SirenSong has gone viral and wiped out every major record label on the planet. (Justin Bieber? Long...
INSTAGRAM (Jariana)🌸 by Fuckingstan
INSTAGRAM (Jariana)🌸 by Stan Fanfiction
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The Prisoners by drifting-stars
The Prisoners by *- Rose -* Science Fiction
(Highest ranking #4 in Sci-Fi - 28/7/17) In the shadows of the plague-stricken city of Faltan, stalks a sixteen-year-old girl. Alison is a musical prodigy by day and a...
After Earth's Fall #THESHINEAWARDSSCIENCEFICTION by Sophie_Louise246
After Earth's Fall #THESHINEAWARDS... by Sophie_Louise246 Science Fiction
"Humanity's pride and greed will be the death of us" In 2025 B.E.F that saying couldn't have been more than true. After a devastating nuclear explosion had sc...
Expiration Date Duology by MikaelaBender
Expiration Date Duology by Mikaela Bender Science Fiction
The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's expired. Highest ranking: #1 in Scie...
Confusing Yet Sweet by Toothless300
Confusing Yet Sweet by Toothless300 Fanfiction
After the never ending battle with Uma, Mal and Evie come back to find a mysterious boy in their dorm room. Causing Uma to strike again
The Suicide Notebook by Alteration_Art
The Suicide Notebook by Killjoy Queen Science Fiction
"Make sure you are something before you fade to nothing," is a statement that Lucky takes to heart. At Bayridge High, a prestigious boarding school on the...
Until I Met You by winx1348
Until I Met You by emma rose Teen Fiction
For Jessalyn and her mom, moving to the small town of Avondale, California seemed like the perfect decision; they wanted the new scenery but what they really needed was...
Eternal Darkness by WinterStars
Eternal Darkness by Signe Vampire
Living in the aftermath of a vampiric invasion is not easy, especially if you are human. But if you are human, and you find out you posses some sort of magical powers, i...
Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Paul Vincent Science Fiction
3 Spacecraft, 240 colonists, 25 trillion miles and a discovery that changes everything. Astronomicon: The Beginning follows the human race's intrepid first steps into...
Ava and Aphrodite: The First Human in 8000 Years by SalmanHannan
Ava and Aphrodite: The First Human... by Sal Science Fiction
Thousands of years have passed since mankind's extinction, now the remaining society of Humanoid robots on Mars and Machine-like robots on Europa are at war. Ava, a stea...
The Loneliness of Distant Beings by KateLingAuthor
The Loneliness of Distant Beings by KateLingAuthor Science Fiction
Seren and Dom live on a spaceship where choice is rebellion. But when they dare to fall in love, the taste of freedom is so sweet they don't care about the consequences...
Future In Ink 3 (Marauders read 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban') by Silverish_
Future In Ink 3 (Marauders read 'H... by Fizzah Fanfiction
||Book 3 in the "Future in Ink" series|| With the first two books done, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter and Lily Evans finally read the most awaited bo...
The Story Of Mr and Mrs Dolan by flexibledolan
The Story Of Mr and Mrs Dolan by flexibledolan Fanfiction
Seventeen year-old Holly Smith had it all in London, She was popular and loved by all in her High School in London but there was one thing that she was afraid of in her...
Just the Truth by 94sMixtape
Just the Truth by •Lorna• Science Fiction
What happens when your name is on a hit list? Or even worse a spy hit list? The best of the best are slowly being hunted down one by one and the tables are turned when C...
Mr Always Right (MxM) by eli-bug
Mr Always Right (MxM) by Elijah Loves You Romance
"He's mine." "I love him." "I love him, he's my Mr Right but he'll never be right."
The Runner (Part I of the Runner Series) by so1tgoes
The Runner (Part I of the Runner S... by Katie Baker Action
The world as we know it ended 209 years ago. From a desert wasteland springs a single kingdom, ruled by a tyrannical King and trapped in an endless war against the shad...
Just My Type | ✓ by iwearheelys
Just My Type | ✓ by ᴮᴿᴵᵀ Short Story
The year is 2076. With a text-based dating app sweeping the world, Remy decides that maybe it's time she gets on board. If dating before technology was hard, dating in a...
In Written Words (#Wattys2017) by Celijah219
In Written Words (#Wattys2017) by E. Castro Poetry
❝She spoke in written words that left all around her truly smiling.❞ Highest Ranking: #11 in Poetry [07/23/17] Copyright ©2017 by Celijah219 All Rights Reserved
Crescendo Skies by Mystique_ballerina
Crescendo Skies by S.R. Furney Mystery / Thriller
[Formerly Of Mist & Madness] This is a dark and warped re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. This story is subjective for each individual reader, meaning,the plot as w...