Te fuiste y contigo te llevaste todo ¬°Rulexby°¬ by Criaturita26Rubius
Te fuiste y contigo te llevaste CriaturitaDelSeñorRubius
Quédate en silencio porque si sabes que hablas...lloraras ,enserio que hay veces en las que te pienso tanto que incluso siento que te das cuenta la única verdad aquí es...
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Adopted by Adam Levine! (An Adam Levine Fan-Fiction) by FluffyCreeperz
Adopted by Adam Levine! (An Adam FluffyCreeperz
You were an abused child at your parents house, moved to an orphanage, abused there, and one day something changed! Read to find out!!!!
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El Diario de María. by Yiritito
El Diario de Marí Yiritito
¡Hola Querido Lector! Esta historia esta dedicada para una Youtuber (Melo cotona), se narrara como un diario, en el cual podrás apreciar como afecto en su vida un fallo...
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Hero Academia fan-fiction  by -Bakugou
Hero Academia fan-fiction by Katsuki Bakugou
I own nothing from the manga/anime series besides any characters/quirks that are not canon. Don't get triggered if you have the same fan quirk, coincidences happen I'm n...
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Moon And The Doctors-A Doctor Who Fan-Fic! by LuckyandTheDoctor
Moon And The Doctors-A Doctor Zoe Reed
Moon has had a pretty normal life, with friends, and many other normal everyday things. One day she walks into a Coffee shop, and meets a strange man who carries her awa...
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Shinigaki No Kyojin y tú by Natashlatl
Shinigaki No Kyojin y túby Natashlatl
Dentro de este fan-fic, es mi segundo fan-fic, pero bueno, ____ va a estar en aprietos por diferentes situaciones antes y después de estar en la Legión del Reconocimient...
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RWBY: CPPR by Blackx4
RWBY: CPPRby Caleb Cantrell
The untold (and completely fanmade) story of Penny's team, Team CPPR, as well as the story of what should have been. NOTE: The rating of this story will be made mature...
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A Ray of hope... (A Mighty No. 9 fan-fic) by whitewolf49
A Ray of hope... (A Mighty No. 9 whitewolf49
Ray, a robot cannibal in a futuristic world, has to find the evidence she needs to figure out her past. Unfortunely, she's been at this for so long that she has gone mad...
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Amnesia by TheAngelOfTheSky
Amnesiaby •Sky•
¿Qué pasa si la vida que llevaras cambiara de un día al otro? ¿Te arrepentirías de algo? ¿Dirías algo que nunca dijiste? ¿Darías el beso que nunca te atreviste a dar? ¿R...
  • recuerdos
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Project Raven by Shachafsmith
Project Ravenby Shachafsmith
The Black Swan has only one project; Project Moonlark, or is there another one... This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities fanfic
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A Recreation Of The Percy Jackson And The Heroes Of Olympus Saga by PoseidonsBlessing33
A Recreation Of The Percy Nico Di Angelo
Hey guys! It's ya boi Poseidon, so this is Atlantis's first SURFACE book so please don't judge :)
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Grofflin Re-united ( Short) by Shadow-Sajone
Grofflin Re-united ( Short)by Sajone
Story i wrote for an English assingment a while back, It's a short Grofflin fan-fiction. If you don't know what Grofflin is, it's the shipname for Lin-Manuel Miranda and...
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FUCK THE WORLD by bigdaddy1918
fuck you , fuck you fuck you
  • fan-fic
Dancing with the Devil (English version) by Athena_9909
Dancing with the Devil (English
What will happen if Athena the beautiful godess of wisdom and battle strategy finds herself in love with the mysterious god of the underworld Hades? An hectic ride for s...
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