Before Sunrise (On Hold) by LaurenDodge
Before Sunrise (On Hold) by Lauren Dodge 🦇 Vampire
One wrong turn could be her last... The moment Lena Gray awakes, she realizes three things: She is not where she belonged. She is not alone. She is definitely not th...
Hunted (1) by BlackCherryChaos
Hunted (1) by Cat➵J Paranormal
Book 1 in Matthews Chronicles Kendall Matthews has always been a 'Bad Apple', whether it be getting drunk, high or laid, or all of the above. (Nevermind adding to the mi...
To The Damned Boy and His Lost Ingenue by dessiphile
To The Damned Boy and His Lost Ing... by dessi Short Story
She was lost, he was damned. They were young; a discouraging intimacy, a spectacular phenomenon never meant to happen. Cover by: @pajibar
My Lovely Damnation BOYXBOY by xxtriplemoonxx
My Lovely Damnation BOYXBOY by sarah Romance
What if you were caught being in love, which is a sin where you're from, and the authorities tore out your beautiful wings and left you to grow hideous new ones? To be a...
The Drug In Me Is You by TeaForWatson
The Drug In Me Is You by •~WATSON~• Fanfiction
Ronnie Radke x reader WARNING: triggering content and sexual content
Various One Shots by CrybabyGlambert
Various One Shots by Lucifer General Fiction
Psychosis NOS by HenryRollins
Psychosis NOS by Heather Rollins Poetry
My experience with psychosis summed up into a long-ish poem.
That Damned Sorry by TonTuron
Beautiful Damned by Psyksy
Beautiful Damned by V Teen Fiction
There once was a girl known by every one and no one.