My best friend's brother and my brother's best friend by Kw10icecream
My best friend's brother and my br... by Kw10icecream
Danielle Jordan has been in love with Eli her whole life, well at least as long as she can remember. There are only three problems: he is her best friend's brother, her...
  • danielle
  • bestfriendsbrother
  • secrets
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You Hate Him Too? {Camp Camp-Max X Reader} by anyarally
You Hate Him Too? {Camp Camp-Max X... by I am an actual worm
(Y/n) was used to being the rich kid in school. This summer, she was planning on staying at home and working on her computer. But her parents said that she has to "...
  • nikki
  • dadvid
  • campcampbell
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Why Do I Like You (Camp Camp  Max X Reader) by TemporaryRose124
Why Do I Like You (Camp Camp Max... by TemporaryRose124
Y/N was going to her first summer camp. She hates going outside. She never knew that she would fall in love. Y/N never felt that emotion until he came in her life. Name...
  • campcamp
  • max
  • campcampbell
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Wonder | Jasper Hale ✔️ by ghostnymph
Wonder | Jasper Hale ✔️ by tater
"I shiver when he touches me. He makes me go to the cosmos, see stars; I think I'm in love with him." [BOOK ONE OF THE ASTRID STEELE SERIES]
  • twilight
  • edwardcullen
  • jasperhale
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I'm Fine (Dadvid) by noodlesaurs
I'm Fine (Dadvid) by Sam™
David adopts Max after seeing what his parents do to him, but when he figures out how much pain Max is really in David panics. Kinda Danvid a little too. It's more towar...
  • max
  • dadvid
  • campcamp
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strayed // niall horan by nialluur
strayed // niall horan by danielaa
"you don't understand how it feels to let go of someone you really love for a while, just for them to be happy."
  • direction
  • coach
  • horan
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Unloved by noodlesaurs
Unloved by Sam™
David's family isn't the happiest.. His parents are divorced and he only has two friends. His mother hates him, but he found a way out... //Cover art is NOT mine//
  • daniel
  • camp
  • sad
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Dream | Jasper Hale by ghostnymph
Dream | Jasper Hale by tater
"and all of these sorrows i have seen, they lead me to believe that everything's a mess." [BOOK TWO OF THE ASTRID STEELE SERIES]
  • swan
  • thecullens
  • edward
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Falling ~ Jamie Campbell Bower by MssAmber
Falling ~ Jamie Campbell Bower by MssAmber
CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN Abby is just an ordinary girl who feels like she's forced to live a life that everyone expects her to live, one where she has to do what other...
  • mortal
  • bower
  • jace
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Beware Of Love 》Derek Hale {ON HOLD} by _Brxndy_
Beware Of Love 》Derek Hale {ON HOL... by Brandy 🦄
Phoebe Stilinski, twin sister to Stiles, is about to meet someone who brings her love, heartbreak, trouble and joy all at the same time. Can she handle it, or will she b...
  • campbell
  • love
  • stilesstilinski
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Online-Bob Morley by Yukio_chan
Online-Bob Morley by এ
A famous actress gets to play a new character in the 100, what she never expected is to fall in love with her co-star Bob Morley.
  • originals
  • bob
  • fanfic
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Camp Camp One shots! by I-am-a-lime88
Camp Camp One shots! by Trash Lord
I love Camp Camp, so, this might be fun. Picture does not belong to me and neither does Camp Camp belong to me.
  • ccfanfiction
  • camp
  • cconeshots
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Childhood Lovers || Max x Male! Reader by Anime13Fox
Childhood Lovers || Max x Male! Re... by Ani Fox
I was like: the f*ck! they don't have a Max x Male reader?! So I decided to make one and I f*cking don't care if I have haters and no readers as long my bucket list is c...
  • childhood
  • david
  • malereader
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The Potions Mistress and The Order of the Phoenix by AlliMyCat
The Potions Mistress and The Order... by Allison
Adriana Campbell survived Voldemort's wrath in Little Hangleton's Graveyard, but not without a price... What happened that night is killing her. Aidy returns to Hogwar...
  • potter
  • draco
  • potions
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Psycho ( #Wattys2016 ) by DaLila07
Psycho ( #Wattys2016 ) by DaLila
حياتها كانت طبيعيه بين العمل و عائلتها و اصدقائها حتى جاء هو الى مشفى المختلين بعد ان قتل امه و اخته و اصبحت هى الضوء الوحيد بحياته "هى الملاك الذى سقط من السماء...
  • danielle
  • campbell
  • drama
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Assassination Camp (Camp Camp x Assassin!Reader) by NightmareSprings
Assassination Camp (Camp Camp x As... by NightmareSprings
It all started with call from a client, who knew it would to you working under cover at a summer camp?
  • assassin
  • reader
  • david
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why me by ruiz2017
why me by Lucy dragneel
this story is about two girls and one boy 🍉🍉
  • campbell
Stay ~ max x reader by ANIME_BEAR
Stay ~ max x reader by ⟦ ♚ ⟧
Years passed and your elder step brother David wanted you to work at his camp Campbell, he is now in charge. However you are not the only one working there, there are th...
  • readerxmax
  • camp
  • daniel
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The Potions Mistress and the Prisoner of Azkaban by AlliMyCat
The Potions Mistress and the Priso... by Allison
Aidy is back and on top of the world. With a successful performing career ahead of her, as well as her stellar grades, she's feeling like nothing could ever bring her do...
  • ron
  • malfoy
  • granger
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「Max x Reader」 by KawaiiPhandoms
「Max x Reader」 by Fanfic trash
Pretty much the title. I don't see that many Camp Camp fanfiction so yah... Your 14 in this btw
  • niel
  • lemon
  • offensive
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