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Camp Camp X Counselor! Male!Reader (On Hold For Editing)  by ItsyBittySpider01
Camp Camp X Counselor! Male! Itsy
This story is going on a week of hiatus for me to be able to fix any Grammer mistakes! This story is based on the she/her version and my editing wasn't the best and I ac...
Max  x reader or smthing :') by bluey5shades
Max x reader or smthing :')by Tru Godsell
y/n has a abusive dad and escapes to camp but its way more interesting than it seems I honestly don't know where the plot went but I guess you can enjoy it still Also y...
§-ɢʜᴏsᴛ Cᴀᴍᴘ-§ Camp camp x ghost reader  by IzzyxMists
§-ɢʜᴏsᴛ Cᴀᴍᴘ-§ Camp camp x ghost Mio
(bitch idk i was bored probably going to suck bc i cant write :p) Anyways uh u read the title. Updates will probably take a while because of school and stuff.
Why do I love a mad man (max x reader lemon) by halesjay
Why do I love a mad man (max x Hayjay
You are new to Camp Campbell. You sign up for dance camp. You meet max and the others at camp. You go on amazing trips with the "Comedy Trio". (The campers ar...
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camp camp gc ! by duckrightsx
camp camp gc !by simp
the title explains it all 😃 is this even funny I'm sorry
Let me guide you...(Max x blind!reader) by emptytrashcan__
Let me guide you...(Max x blind! emptytrashcan__
ALL AGES ARE BUMPED UP TO 13!!!! (But there will be chapters that follow the show) Becoming blind from a sickness at 8, you had a hard time fitting in with the people ar...
This Is Awkward | Camp Camp x Female! Reader by ramuda_amemura
This Is Awkward | Camp Camp x ♪ εαรу я♫
| ⚠️Dedicated to some of my best friends who like the show! | You, a small child who loves baking, is not only socially awkward but a bit shy, and have a big heart. Due...
Max x reader by fanfic-maker777
Max x readerby fanfic-maker777
Camp, something you'd rather not go to. It's not like it'll be any good anyways. Not until later do you realize that the people around are like coffee They're so addicti...
Step One: Looking Out For You by iibokutoe
Step One: Looking Out For Youby erin
After Max's difficulties at home, he is shown throughout the camp camp series to have a very pitiful personality. But when it's the last week of camp, David seems to not...
Lost and Lost (Camp Camp Fanfic) by Brooke_Smh
Lost and Lost (Camp Camp Fanfic)by Brooke_Smh
The Camp Pet (Camp Camp Max X Reader) by MidnightWolff666
The Camp Pet (Camp Camp Max X legit dead account
When David meets the born-to-be-wild Y/N in a orphanage, he can't help but take the poor city-trapped child to Camp Campbell, to let her be free, and give her a father f...
Camp Camp David x Reader  by TWICESana00
Camp Camp David x Reader by Hi!
You just quit your job recently and you're stuck in a rut desperate to find a new passion in your life. Unsure of what to do, you suddenly get a call from your grandmoth...
Camp Campbell x Reader by -Tw1st3d-
Camp Campbell x Readerby Oof Royalt Y
You had a brother that left you when you were around 6, but at that time he was basically all you had...Heck! He's a better parent than your own! After he left your Dad...
Max's Older Sister Camp Camp X Reader by Reesebored
Max's Older Sister Camp Camp X Rene
(Y/n) always felt like it was her job to protect their brother, but when they turned 18 they were kicked out, luckily they had a "loving" boyfriend that let th...
⇒ camp camp x reader | oneshots | ⇐ by angelic-meme
⇒ camp camp x reader | oneshots | ⇐by ʚ art hoe™ ɞ
.。*゚+.*.。 requests | open | +..。*゚+ Ahhh I recently just finished watching camp camp so I decided I'd write some oneshots ✨ I just fell in love with the series and all t...
camp camp x reader (discontinued) by viiiiolet-redamancy
camp camp x reader (discontinued)by //
note ; the campers are aged up & im not the best writer so don't expect much 🤗 pictures + gifs belong to their respective owners! edit 08.07.18 : i'm leaving this accou...
You Aren't Like Them (Max X Reader ~ Camp Camp) by lemxnhead
You Aren't Like Them (Max X lemxnhead
Your parents sent you away to a summer camp an hour-ish away, since they can't deal with your constant nagging to get away from the house. Your father didn't really care...
Summer Survival (Camp Camp Max x reader) by jaywalk-on-me
Summer Survival (Camp Camp Max x get gooped/get out
After getting kicked out of the FlowerScouts, (Y/n), the 13-year-old child who just doesn't want to disappoint their 'brothers', turns to the Woodscouts. When they lose...
Camp Camp x Reader Oneshots by FantasticDuck
Camp Camp x Reader Oneshotsby Lilly🦆
REQUESTS ARE OPEN >:D Cover art by me <3
Camp Camp | one shots by BRATLEADR
Camp Camp | one shotsby BRATLEADR
Character X Character Character x Reader !! I will not be encouraging pedophilia in this book (hence: Maxvid) !! But otherwise that, please do request! I will inform yo...