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***NO SOFT COPY.*** My Stories: Short Story/One shot *First Kiss *Marriage booth *Curse Booth *Jail Booth *Are you gonna kiss me or not *Singsing *Bisikleta *How can I tell her? *I don't know why *let's start together..I love you *nang dahil sa tigyawat Ongoing: **Seven years of LOVE **He is my Master...Monster! comment, vote and be a fan :)) xoxo
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Hello! I'm MJ and I write fanfiction, mostly for the TV show "Bones." My stories are happy, silly, funny, fluffy and occasionally angsty. DISCLAIMER: My work is FanFiction. I don't own any of the characters you might recognize from Bones, I just borrow them and make shit up, with help from the original characters that are all mine.
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i'm a FRUSTRATED WRITER! madami akong ideas na hindi ko alam kung paano iaapply sa story. -_- kaya pagpasensyahan nyo na kawatty. Im open to any criticism , but one thing na hindi ko matatanggap ay kung sasabihin nyong ginaya/ kinopya/nirevise lang from other story ang stories na ginagawa ko. sa dami ng stories na napapublish dito hindi malayong may nagkakahagiw na pangyayari o nagkakapangalan na characters. tandaan: hindi lang iisang tao ang nakaisip ng pangalang "PETRA" sa mundo :P hope you enjoy my stories...thank you for following me. :)
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Welcome to the profile of Banana10-67(aka Rachel). Some things I enjoy doing include watching television, writing, reading, sleeping, and photography. I enjoy classical music and some other genres. ~ I know how to play trumpet, trombone, and French Horn but Horn is my main instrument. ~There are plenty of Ships I Ship. Bellarke, Kabby, and Clexa are my OTPs from The 100, Cam and Nixie are my OTP from Mako Mermaids. There are other OTPs but these are ones I obsess over. ~ I am a couch potato meaning that I often don't update my stories.(Hence why my stories haven't been updated in a couple of months.
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I take requests for stories and chapters as well as I am a story editor so, just let me know if you would like me to write something for you in either a message or a comment or a post on my profile. I'd gladly be able to do whatever is needed.
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This is a Bones/Taylor Swift fan account. Our members are: @coolcatAFP Hi! I'm Autumn. I have an unhealthy obsession of dancing in grocery stores, making Bones references, and singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of my lungs. I'm from the great state of Pennsylvania, and I love chicken and ice cream, just not together. Feel free to PM me on my main account! Thanks for following us, and I hope you have an awesome day! xxx @Swxftie89 Hey there, welcome to our Bones/Taylor Swift account! I'm from Texas and love reading, fall, poetry, and food. If you'd like to get to know me better, don't hesitate to PM me on my main account! Have a great day! :) @sweeter-than-fiction Hey! This is Mamie! I am an awkward teenager who lives in Tennessee, USA. I like Taylor Swift, Bones, reading, writing, and listening to music. I aspire to be a writer or a news reporter as an adult. If you ever need to contact me, PM me on my main account, which is listed above. Have a good day! ❤
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Sou uma garota doida,meiga,gentil,divertida,legal.... Mas também posso ser Insuportável, chata, grossa.... Meu Nome é Melissa, mais gosto que me chamem de Mel, tenho os cabelos castanho, no sol e meio ruivo, olhos da cor castanho, signos Sagitário, Sou curiosa, amo ciência natureza, meio ambiente, quero ser uma antropóloga forense..... apesar de ter 14 anos sou muito madura e independente, sou Twilighter, V-lovers,Clarinatica, Shadowhunters, boneheads forever ❤ .......
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Zoeys the name. Writing books is my game. Zack x reader- chapter is coming up soon Heath x reader- I'm working on chapter 2 I'm obsessed with Eric Millegan, Zack Addy from Bones Zane, Heath, Gabbie, Shane, Scotty, Toddy, Christine, Elijah, Tom, David, and Liza And basically anyone from Sherlock, Doctor who, Harry Potter, Outlander, and Lord of the rings