Avalei Cullen (A Twilight Saga Fanfic) by boyz5lifedoe
Avalei Cullen (A Twilight Saga Fan... by Jaynalei Fanfiction
What happens when a lost little girl wanders through a forest, getting chased by a sadistic vampire who killed her family just minutes before? She soon stumbles upon a f...
Vigorous (Embry Call) [Twilight] by HydraWave
Vigorous (Embry Call) [Twilight] by Ray Fanfiction
Sophia was made of secrets. In fact a majority of her life was consumed in one. These secrets only managed to make her stronger, versatile, more prepared for any attack...
Fast Money by InnocenceXx
Fast Money by Innocence Clark Fanfiction
Love & sacrifice. That's what I live by. Cover By : InnocenceXx
Bellamy Rose Swan by irisdietrich
Bellamy Rose Swan by irisdietrich Fanfiction
Bellamy is Bella's older sister, she grew up with Charlie but always hoped to be close to Bella. Excited her sister is coming home there is only 3 things that can dampen...
Black by counterfeiit
Black by madeline Fanfiction
[WARNING: Book is not suitable for reading in quiet areas, as the emotions resulted from reading usually end in squealing and/or excessive giggling.] Eva Bishop is just...
Coco Love  by _lataavia
Coco Love by _lataavia General Fiction
Mr. Wilson/Kofi was always a strict person that didn't do a lot except abide by the rules until he met a woman that was the opposite of him.
Reviving Sage (BWWM- Interracial Romance) by LazyExceptWhenEating
Reviving Sage (BWWM- Interracial R... by Womyn. Romance
- Single Mom Sage Collins isn't really one for romance, and after being asked to be her bestfriends maid of honor - her hopes of being married by the age of thirty disap...
Sirina Rose Potter by _likemysoul
Sirina Rose Potter by Missy Hastings Fanfiction
Little Sirina was left at age one, alone in a house where nobody knew she was. For 14 years. Raised by only a house elf. *Harry Potter fanfic. JK Rowling owns all of wha...
Lemonade [REWRITTING] by blubberingblobs
Lemonade [REWRITTING] by it's my society Teen Fiction
She sighed as she closed her eyes, sinking into the feeling of the tranquility and peace. When she was here, she wouldn't have to worry about anything. This was her alon...
Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Awards 2012] by starsarewhatilove
Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Award... by Chelsea Werewolf
Evangeline is what you can call the pack's maid. She's always bullied and teased. She always have endless chores but she isn't unhappy. She's being called fat and ugly b...
Heat Wave  by creolelady
Heat Wave by creolelady Werewolf
Dear moon, we blame you for floods...for the FLESH of blood...for men who are also WOLVES.
Dared To Love (Under Editing) by Artemiine
Dared To Love (Under Editing) by فالري Teen Fiction
"It Was All A Dare," ________________________________________ Zahra Jones just wanted to finish school, enjoy her life and avoid Levi Karldon completely. But...
Obsession-  Yandere! Various x reader one-shots by Goldenkokoro
Obsession- Yandere! Various x rea... by Goldenkokoro Fanfiction
There's that one person who loves you and killed all for you, who is it?
Kitty's 🐱( Black Butler X  Reader)  by thirdprincesDilan
Kitty's 🐱( Black Butler X Reader... by thirdprincesDilan Fanfiction
Y/N is an ordinary 14 year old girl that love Anime and a big fan of Black Butler one day she stumbled on a box that is filed with adorable little Kittens that turns out...
Alohamora || Fred Weasley by weasleyftweasley
Alohamora || Fred Weasley by Allana Fanfiction
'Could i try unlocking your heart with Alohamora!?' Fred asked the heartbroken young Gryffindor who was crying on his lap.
DEMONS ▷ BUCKY BARNES [1] by uItminyoongi
DEMONS ▷ BUCKY BARNES [1] by ❛ ELEANOR ❜ Fanfiction
❛ warrior child, you carry such coldness in your veins. war-torn child, you carry such loneliness in your bones. war-born child, you carry such horror in your heart. war...
The Singer's Pride (Daughter of Andy Biersack) by BloodSapphire
The Singer's Pride (Daughter of An... by Sapphire Von Asters Fanfiction
Alexandra was the product of a one night stand her mother had with none other than Andy Biersack. Of course, she didn't know about him being her father, until one day th...
Stone Cold ❃ Thor. by KarlTheAuthor
Stone Cold ❃ Thor. by ✧*ೃ࿐k a r l Fanfiction
Kirsten didn't expect Nick Fury to show up at her house at almost 4AM, but she couldn't say "no" to him either. She agrees to go with him after much co...
Insomnia - Villainous Paperhat Fluff by ViperaEris
Insomnia - Villainous Paperhat Flu... by ViperaEris Fanfiction
Flug is having trouble sleeping and Black Hat takes matters into his own hands. Cover photo by my friend @xerii_ Go love them they are wonderful!
The Pianist and the Beast II(Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) by ZoBug3
The Pianist and the Beast II(Kuros... by ✭ Zo ✭ Fanfiction
A quiet young woman with a strong passion for the piano. An extremely broken and emotionless young man served by a devilishly handsome demon butler. Dark secrets that sh...