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Heaven Warrior by jasdarealDON
Heaven Warriorby jasdarealDON
"Just fight a little while longer baby boy." "I'm tired."
Our Brave Little Star and BFF Battle The Brain Tumor by HannahMcCoy2
Our Brave Little Star and BFF Autobot Pikachu
Megatron and his wife Hyperia are happily married. They live in Fort Worth Texas. Megatron is the co owner and ceo of a company he runs with a good friend. Hyperia is a...
Hospital Days by Descendantsfan03
Hospital Daysby Descendantsfan03
Everything was finally starting to be okay as Ava Jalali was finally starting to settle into her new role as not just a college student, but as a single mom to her littl...
Driven, by cancer by middie95
Driven, by cancerby middie95
True story of a child beating the odds and surviving cancer with an experimental brace.
Ribbon of hopes and fears by Goobercilia
Ribbon of hopes and fearsby Goobercilia
A six year old orphan who's petrified of doctors get diagnosed with ALL. After being treated at a Children's hospital, Mark, her Surgeon, offer the idea to his 5 other b...
A Mother's Love by lizzie_grace970
A Mother's Loveby lizzie_grace970
A devastating story about a mother losing her five-year-old daughter.
Life of a Childhood Cancer Warrior - Emi's Journey  by Bookloverfreaja
Life of a Childhood Cancer Bookloverfreaja
Emi, a little girl from California, lives a normal life until she goes to the hospital complaining about stomach pain. There her world is turned down. She gets diagnosed...
Everything but a Child  by ChloePoor
Everything but a Child by ChloePoor
This story is about me when I was a child but I didn't have your normal childhood.
Not Alone [Klaine] by Kay_Garcia_22
Not Alone [Klaine]by
14-year-old Kurt Hummel was diagnosed with CLL (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia) soon after Blaine Anderson also 14 was kicked out of his house, and now Kurt needs the supp...
Brave Little Warrior Firefighter and BFFS VS Brain Tumor Fire by HannahMcCoy2
Brave Little Warrior Firefighter Autobot Pikachu
Hot shot is a playful and active five year old. He lives with his mom Quickshadow and his dad Heatwave. They live in Houston Texas. His father Heatwave is a firefighter...
Vic Fuentes son and daughter by vic_mae12
Vic Fuentes son and daughterby Vic Mae1228
Hi I'm Jayden Noah fuentes yes my dad is vic fuentes my mom die when she giving birth to me and my twin sister Emma i get bullyed every day by tyler and his friends beat...
The Hideaway by SaltedPretzelsx
The Hideawayby ~P ✨
While Beth may have been Harper's neighbour, she was never the girl next door. She was a dancer. She was a friend. She was the kindest, bravest girl Harper had ever know...
Dear Cancer Diary by Tiger_Lilli1219
Dear Cancer Diaryby Lillian D'Angelo
Y/N I have Leukemia cancer And well I found out on my birthday, My brother gave you to me. So will you be my partner in crime to battle cancer? Lilly Simons is seven yea...
Twilight Tales: From Sunlit Smiles to Moonlit Mischief- by JoshuaDent
Twilight Tales: From Sunlit Joshua Dent
Twilight Tales: From Sunlit Smiles to Moonlit Mischief- offers a captivating journey through the dual realms of radiant joy and shadowy humor. This unique collection of...
Early Detection and Diagnosis of Childhood Cancer by ForamBhuta
Early Detection and Diagnosis of Foram Bhuta
The article describes the importance and challenges faced in the early detection of childhood cancer.
In the Cleft Joy Comes in the Mourning by DanaGoodman2
In the Cleft Joy Comes in the Dana Goodman
In the Cleft Joy Comes in the Mourning is an intimate journey to the deepest places of the heart. Dana's debut memoir is an unforgettable story of finding hope after the...
If Tomorrow's Gone by camilasolace
If Tomorrow's Goneby Camila Solace
Declan's faith drowned in distress-leaving his life with another little boy-Morgen, who was vanished a Neuroblastoma (Solid Cancer) that appeared to be his brother's son...
I Kicked Cancer's Butt (first of a series) by PernithaTinsley
I Kicked Cancer's Butt (first of Pernitha Tinsley
Ten-year-old Devin sets out to kick cancer's butt. With the help of his friends, cancer won't have a chance. The thing is, though, that none of the boys know exactly wha...