Ava and Aphrodite: The First Human in 8000 Years (Featured) by SalmanHannan
Ava and Aphrodite: The First Human... by Sal
Thousands of years have passed since mankind's extinction, now the remaining society of Humanoid robots on Mars and Machine-like robots on Europa are at war. Ava, a stea...
  • androids
  • robots
  • society
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 The truth always comes out (Yandere AndroidXReader) by Xl_Galaxy_Xl
The truth always comes out (Yande... by 🌸Bxtch🌸
It just so happens you and some other scientists make a new AI (android) that will be able to communicate and have feelings like us human 2088 is starting to get better...
  • android
  • yanderexreader
  • insane
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Android by littleninjamari
Android by Mari Bramson
"How do I know you aren't a monster?" "Because you're laying your head on my chest aren't you?" Inhaling deeply I then repositioned my ear so it...
  • neptune
  • robot
  • school
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Male Reader x Female Various by Goten_TheSuperSaiyan
Male Reader x Female Various by Nate
Heyo! It me Goten here and today this is a story about (Y/N) ( aka you) go through a shit ton of girls and maybe sleep with them?
  • bandai
  • dbz
  • anime
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Yandere! Android x Reader (One-shot LEMON) by TaekoGaming
Yandere! Android x Reader (One-sho... by Taeko Yamada
My 3rd Yandere Lemon Story ^ _ ^
  • android
  • one-shot
  • yandere
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Automaton Confidant by CleverGirl8
Automaton Confidant by .
The year is 2550. Man and machine live side by side; coexisting beautifully. Karen Jaymes is a lonely widow who is convinced into buying the latest craze; a Companion B...
  • sciencefiction
  • romancestories
  • android
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A sacrifice to save you by AliceChristmas11
A sacrifice to save you by AliceChristmas11
The girl looked at the boy in front of her with a sad expression. "But I can't even cry. I can only scream my mind. I have no feelings , no family , no friends. I...
  • future
  • friendship
  • save
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Appetence by Inconvenient_Ideal
Appetence by Charlie
David, brought into the world by Peter Weyland with the simple directive to serve. Created to serve, it instantly seems to be a hardship, a life which will be dictated b...
  • space
  • prometheus
  • android
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Bloodshed by imnotaturtle8
Bloodshed by Naya Weaver
Thrown together during an earthquake, four strangers realize that they share one goal; get to the city of Walkton. Jaret wants to go find his brother, who he was separa...
  • genocide
  • aliens
  • shapeshifter
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Mismatched|boyxboyxboy| by doodlingsei
Mismatched|boyxboyxboy| by Jasper
An unlucky trio of mates are bound together ||Slow updates||
  • vampire
  • boyxboy
  • romance
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Real Thing (Yuta Ambw) by bjoiner123
Real Thing (Yuta Ambw) by Breanna
"Finger tips on my skin, let the chemistry begin because I'm standing right here and my heart has meaning face to face cause I was the real thing."
  • nct127
  • interracial
  • romance
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Surprisingly Human by _Vegas
Surprisingly Human by Mai
Anthony Padilla is a lonely genius who needs a friend. His social awkwardness and inability to connect with other people stops that from happening. His next best option...
  • artificialintelligence
  • fanfiction
  • robot
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Corporeal Forms by LDHoughton
Corporeal Forms by L D Houghton
Once, humanity lost itself to the machine. Now, with the era of the Body Butchers a fading memory, mankind awaits the coming singularity, long predicted and long delayed...
  • augmentation
  • future
  • technology
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Exogenesis by Inconvenient_Ideal
Exogenesis by Charlie
(Sequel to Human After All.) With the crash landing of the Juggernaut and the destruction of the Prometheus, and with the promise of leaving; Elizabeth Shaw, Alma Meadow...
  • weylandyutani
  • tennesse
  • ái
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Sleeping Delivery - A Walkthrough by AnnyAegy17
Sleeping Delivery - A Walkthrough by AnnyAegy17
Sleeping Delivery is a game by the company Day7. The company is korean but the english version has been released. There are three modes at the beginning to choose f...
  • game
  • cellphone
  • sleepingdelivery
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Anthem's Fall by SLDunn
Anthem's Fall by S.L. Dunn
The young emperor Vengelis Epsilon narrowly escapes the reckoning of his empire at the hands of strange machines known as Felixes. The Felixes are identical in every res...
  • super-powers
  • futuristic
  • comics
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Maybe Just Maybe by xxjessx9
Maybe Just Maybe by Judy
Highest Rank: #499 in Science Fiction | 19.11.2017 ¤ 《I'm not normal. I'm anything but that, yet I was living a normal life without you storming into my life.》 ¤ Ashley...
  • oppisitesattract
  • futuristic
  • adventure
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Princess of AMBER  by SanitaBogdanova
Princess of AMBER by SBany
I felt a slight pressure applied around my waist. First, I didn't pay attention to it, as my whole focus was on nearly dying girl in front of me. It got tighter and I fe...
  • psycho
  • robot
  • virus
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W E   C A N   L O V E   | | |   A V E N G E R S   F A N F I C T I O N by Dandy_Sandy
W E C A N L O V E | | | A... by Dandy Sandy
W h e n a n a n d r o i d f a l l s i n l o v e w i t h t h e g i r l w h o m e s s e s w i t h p e o p l e ' s h e a d s .
  • avengers
  • witch
  • vision
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