The Hierarchy by jalenisms
The Hierarchyby Jalen Williams
Obey or Die. Morgan belongs to a war-torn puritan village of left behind women and girls, some having gone their entire lives without seeing more than a handful of men...
  • wattys2017
  • love
  • mystery
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L : Love by Lena-Presents
L : Loveby Lena
In 2025, the world-renowned android, LM2, was mysteriously terminated, launching a series of conspiracy theories amongst the public and scientific community. Sean, on th...
  • biracial
  • humor
  • drama
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You can cry only for me - yandere android x reader by TosukaFan
You can cry only for me - Niky24
It's a simple yandere x reader. So if you want, come and read the first chapter
  • love
  • sicklove
  • xreader
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Appetence by Inconvenient_Ideal
Appetenceby Charlie
David, brought into the world by Peter Weyland with the simple directive to serve. Created to serve, it instantly seems to be a hardship, a life which will be dictated b...
  • david8
  • xenomorph
  • elizabethshaw
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Otome by rainbhel
Otomeby rainbhel
This is a compilation of dating sims. (The characters are so cute that I can't help myself to write it).
  • online
  • sims
  • action
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Android 17's Opinions by Yugi_Muto
Android 17's Opinionsby 💜 of the Cards
Just some opinions on topics
  • opinions
  • 17
  • topics
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Human After All by Inconvenient_Ideal
Human After Allby Charlie
Alma Meadows, loyal Weyland Corp employee is one of many who work on creating the new, better androids to upstage the rest which come from the company. An android with e...
  • fighting
  • death
  • david8
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The Navigator by NathalieHJane
The Navigatorby Nathalie H. Jane
OFFICIAL ENTRY IN THE WATTPAD 2018 VALENTINE'S DAY CONTEST!! "I'm a navigator. Or I should say Navigator, capital N. Yeah, you read that right. I'm a cyborg. Befo...
  • robots
  • lovestory
  • romance
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Exogenesis by Inconvenient_Ideal
Exogenesisby Charlie
(Sequel to Human After All.) With the crash landing of the Juggernaut and the destruction of the Prometheus, and with the promise of leaving; Elizabeth Shaw, Alma Meadow...
  • daniels
  • alienconvenant
  • experimenting
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A.I Love (UtaPri Fanfic) 「Completed」 by IcyGlacia
A.I Love (UtaPri Fanfic) 「 Glacia
Status : Complete The Professor, Mikaze Ai's creator, was not satisfied with his creation which doesn't have the capability of feeling. He doesn't want to 'discard' Mika...
  • aine
  • sama
  • mikaze
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Not What He Seems (GoogleplierxJack) by Why_dont_I_work
Not What He Seems ( Why_dont_I_work
Jack's life wasn't going in the best direction. His girlfriend had just dumped him, all his 'friends' were to busy to talk to him, and his YouTube channel was going thro...
  • jackiplier
  • markjack
  • septicplier
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My Perfect Android ((TaeJin)) by Crazy_for_Daehyunie
My Perfect Android ((TaeJin))by ✴Kuudere Angel✴
"What is this? I didn't order a package. Not that I recall." "What. The. Hell?!" "Good morning, Master." "Master?!" --- Kim Taehy...
  • android
  • boyxboy
  • jin
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Yandere! Android x Reader (One-shot LEMON) by TaekoGaming
Yandere! Android x Reader ( Taeko Yamada
My 3rd Yandere Lemon Story ^ _ ^
  • suspense
  • one-shot
  • yandere
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Screw it (Trunks X Android 18) by dragonballstorys
Screw it (Trunks X Android 18)by dragonballstorys
Trunks X 18 that's all
  • android18
  • android
  • trunksx18
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Male Reader x Female Various by Goten_TheSuperSaiyan
Male Reader x Female Variousby Nate
Heyo! It me Goten here and today this is a story about (Y/N) ( aka you) go through a shit ton of girls and maybe sleep with them?
  • dbz
  • anime
  • bandai
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Mobile Legends Ships! Couples on ML by Cool-Mashiro003
Mobile Legends Ships! Couples on MLby MashiroQtQt
Mobile Legends Ships Fan Made! Shipping: A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. Send me your favorite Mobil...
  • legends
  • ios
  • ships
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Mismatched|boyxboyxboy| by doodlingsei
Mismatched|boyxboyxboy|by Jasper
An unlucky trio of mates are bound together ||Slow updates||
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • gay
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Stella, My Star by SweetMuse
Stella, My Starby SweetMuse
A female lieutenant is assigned to Captain Samuel Rafferty's spaceship, the I.S.F. Destructor. Sexy, stubborn, sassy; she will have a controversial impact on everyone sh...
  • space
  • scifi
  • android
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I am...Riley? | I am Frankie by LizZoSugg28
I am...Riley? | I am Frankieby LizZoSugg28
What happens when you pretend to be an android and there winds up being a girl that looks exactly like you and probably is one? Answer: you run...far. 16 years old, New...
  • girlmeetsworld
  • frankiereyes
  • comedy
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